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In an increasingly digital world where consumers shop using multiple devices across various channels, we have been a leader in making payments safer for merchants and their customers alike

Fraud prevention solutions

As digital payment methods continue to proliferate, Mastercard is committed to advancing the security and integrity of the payment ecosystem. Through our efforts, merchants benefit from an enhanced consumer experience and a more secure and reliable payment environment. Here are just a few of the solutions we offer for merchants.

EMV chip 

For 15 years, Mastercard has played a leading role in the creation, management and continued development of the EMV standard. We offer a unique set of EMV solutions — known as M/Chip™ — to help issuers and merchants implement new payment solutions quickly.


Consumers appreciate the convenience of online shopping. Unfortunately, it's the risk of fraud that sometimes gives them a reason not to buy. With Mastercard SecureCode®, you can give your customers confidence.

Address Verification and Card Validation Code 2 Services

Each year, more merchants than ever conduct "card-not-present" transactions with customers they never see. But electronic commerce also brings new kinds of payment fraud. Mastercard verification and security programs enable shoppers to feel more confident and merchants to protect their businesses.

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EMS Fraud Scoring

Expert Monitoring Real-Time Fraud Scoring Service uses state-of-the-art predictive modeling technology to provide a real-time fraud score on all transactions processed through the Mastercard network. The score indicates the likelihood that the transaction contained in the authorization request is fraudulent or high-risk.

Biometric Card

The Mastercard Biometric Card provides an innovative way to authenticate cardholders at any EMV point-of-sale. A built-in sensor allows your customers to use a fingerprint to authenticate their identity during a transaction as an alternative to PIN or signature.

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