Co-branded cards

Use the power of partnership

Today's consumers look for products and services that simplify their lives and express their individuality. A co-brand partnership is designed to strengthen the bond with your customers. It can increase loyalty, attract new customers, lower your acquisition costs and help keep your business top-of-mind.

Why you should co-brand with Mastercard

For almost two decades, Mastercard has been a leader in the co-brand category and currently supports more than 10,000 initiatives worldwide. Our programs have evolved to meet the changing needs of our partners and their customers. We've amassed a wealth of information and data analytic capabilities that we can use to create a co-brand program that perfectly suits your company's needs.

Co-branded issuers

If you are ready to get started in setting up a co-brand program, contact one of the issuers below.

Alliance Data
Tiffany Cheairs

Banco Popular
Scott Harris

Matthew Naimie

Capital One
Contact the Co-Brand Team

Chase Card Services
Michelle Pena

Aarathi Reddy

Rick Cunningham

Commerce Bank
Mike Simpson

First Bankcard
Kent Hattery

Synchrony Financial Services
Doug Hooper

U.S. Bank
Mary Ellen Leonard

Co-branded card consultants

In addition to contacting an issuer, you may also choose to contact a consultant who has expertise in setting up a co-brand program.

Advantage Consulting Group, Inc.
Chris Theoharides
(516) 795-7300

Affinity Financial Management Services, LLC
Donald W. Finch
(302) 528-1460

Auriemma Consulting Group, Inc.
Mark Jackson
(212) 323-7000

Blue Ocean Advisory
Rob Goeller
(801) 649-5406

First Annapolis Consulting, Inc.
John C. Grund
(410) 855-8500

GFS and Associates
George Schmelzel
(913) 230-4445

Summit Path Partners
Alyssa Mickle
(781) 710-2558

West Monroe Partners
Eric Marks
(646) 998-9189