Mastercard Send makes payments faster, secure and more convenient

Mastercard Send is the only personal payments service of its kind where you can reach virtually all U.S. debit card accounts.

Fund transfers* initiated through Mastercard Send often take seconds1 from the time a sending bank initiates the transaction to the time a receiving bank receives the transaction. 

Mastercard Send ecosystem

Learn about each of the participants' roles in the transaction

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A consumer who initiates a P2P payment. Senders are only involved in the transaction flow for P2P transactions and are not a party to disbursement transactions.


Transaction Originator

A Transaction Originator (disburser or P2P provider) is the business, government or non-profit organization that offers the Mastercard Send program to consumers.


Sponsor Bank

A bank that sponsors network activity and settles with networks and Transaction Originators.


Transaction Receiver

The card issuers that receive transaction data from Mastercard or the debit networks and post payment transaction to cardholders’ accounts.


Receiver (Cardholder)

Either consumers or small businesses, Receivers are the cardholders who ultimately receive the funds sent through a Mastercard Send transaction.

How Mastercard Send works: U.S. transaction flow

Mastercard Send enables Transaction Originators to send funds directly to a consumer's bank account within seconds1 using the debit card number associated with that account.

Step 1: Sender initiates P2P transaction to Transaction Originator.

Step 2: Transaction Originator collects debit card information and initiates transaction to Mastercard.

Step 3: The Network (Mastercard) conducts due diligence on Transaction Originator, originates the transaction, routes to PIN Debit networks and provides transaction controls.

Step 4: Sponsor Bank settles with Network and Transaction Originator.

Step 5: Transaction Receiver receives transaction data from Mastercard or the Debit Networks and posts payment transaction to cardholder's account.

Step 6: Receiver (cardholder) receives payment in account.

All PIN Debit Networks provide ubiquitous connectivity for sending funds to Transaction Receivers across card brands. 

Safety and security

To promote the safety of the Mastercard Send network, all stakeholders perform certain levels of validation to mitigate fraud and promote a safe, secure payment experience for consumers.

In addition, Mastercard performs a rigorous due diligence process to validate that a participant is duly authorized to perform the specific transaction type. Mastercard, the sponsor bank (if applicable) and the debit networks review background information on the organization and compliance programs as well as other relevant information to help ensure that transactions are safe. 

How Transaction Receivers can reduce high-risk transactions

Mastercard Send operates on a model where Transaction Receivers can post funds quickly. P2P Transaction Originators are required to screen Senders and Receivers prior to initiating payment transactions to reduce high-risk transactions.

Additionally, disbursement Transaction Originators are required to screen the Receiver of the transaction prior to initiating payment transactions.

Transaction Receivers can mitigate further risk by imposing dollar amount and transaction limits to comply with internal controls. 

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*Mastercard Send provides a secure data transfer service that facilitates funds transfers by its partner banks. Mastercard Send does not receive funds for transmission or transmit funds. All funds are transmitted by the licensed financial institution for whom we provide data processing services.

Depending on receiving financial institution