Mastercard Send

Mastercard Send can help your business achieve operational efficiencies and enhance customer loyalty. It is the only service of its kind that can broaden your reach by processing transactions across networks through a single connection.

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Discover the seamless integration and gain insight into how Mastercard Send can help impact your business*


Insurance companies, governments and e-marketplaces gain a competitive advantage for their business by disbursing funds with greater speed and reach

Person-to-Person Payments

Financial institutions, money transfer operators and merchants can reduce the complexity and risk associated with sending money online

Cross-Border Payments

Financial institutions and money transfer operators achieve greater interoperability and improved cost efficiencies across B2B, B2P & P2P cross-border payment flows

How Google uses Mastercard Send

Enables users to send money in near real time by transferring cash out of their Google Wallet directly to their bank account using a debit card

How Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection uses Mastercard Send

Delivers travel insurance claim disbursements to any U.S. debit card account, typically within seconds1 , to travelers on the road

* Mastercard Send provides a secure data transfer service that facilitates funds transfers by its partner banks. Mastercard Send does not receive funds for transmission or transmit funds.
1 Depending on receiving financial institution