Cash access for anyone, anytime at any enabled ATM
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Cash access for anyone, anytime at any enabled ATM

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Mastercard Cash Pick-Up™ allows banks and their disburser customers to deliver cash quickly, securely and easily to any vetted consumer – banked or unbanked– through enabled ATMs, without the use of a card

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What it's for

Person-to-Person Domestic Transfer

Send cash to friends and family who may or may not be banked.

Emergency Cash Assistance

Get cash to stranded cardholders.

Disaster and Aid Relief*

Provide cash in the event of an emergency.

Social Benefits*

Provide essential social benefits.

Corporate Rebates*

Deliver immediate rebates to consumers.

What are the benefits

For Issuers:

  • Help improve consumer experience and solidify the consumer relationship
  • Support increased revenue and customer base by participating as a VCN issuer

For Acquirers:

  • Facilitate new flows to increase volumes and customer base
  • Help increase ATM functionality and value

For Disbursers:

  • Deliver essential cash quickly and simply
  • Help expand your disbursement options

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* Currently under development. All fund transfers provided by participating banks.