Real-time payments for modern business needs

The new type of bank-account-based payment

Real-time payments are the smarter and faster alternative to cash, check and batch ACH thanks to processing done in seconds. With speed and rich data capabilities, real-time payments help improve cash flow, operational efficiencies, customer engagement, data transparency and accuracy. And the instant availability of funds 24/7 makes real-time payments ideally suited for always-on businesses.


or 50% of B2B payments are sent via checks1



of firms plan to use same-day ACH in lieu of paper checks2



Mastercard + Vocalink™: Leading the real-time payments transformation

The acquisition of Vocalink in 2017 expanded Mastercard’s capabilities beyond industry-leading card solutions, now providing consumers and businesses with access to even more choices in digital payments. Mastercard’s expertise in fraud detection and prevention, and transaction data analytics, combined with Vocalink’s deep experience as the pioneer of real-time payments technology, uniquely positions Mastercard as your single partner for immediate payment solutions. Enabling payments to work across multiple flows between businesses, consumers, governments, and banks.




  • 24/7 functionality
  • Immediate and safe
  • Payment certainty

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  • Real-time, assured payments
  • Lower fees and improved cash flow management
  • Improved customer engagement

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Financial institutions

  • Lower costs and higher volumes
  • Improved customer engagement and new service offerings
  • Enhanced data capabilities



  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased financial inclusion
  • Increased liquidity and efficiency of payment

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Learn how we’re empowering financial institutions to better help corporations be agile

Introducing Vocalink Analytics

Cutting-edge data science solutions solve some of our customers’ biggest problems

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Financial Crime Solutions

Help identify and prevent money laundering across entire networks, as well as specific types of payments fraud.


Assurance Solutions

Provide an entirely new source of information for financial institutions and their customers. Information that flows through our payment systems is verified, providing confidence in every payment.

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Decision Analytics

Help financial institutions make sense of what’s happening around them – both at a business level and an economic level.

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Consultancy Services

Support businesses in making the most of real-time opportunities by making sure their technology is optimized to create value and mitigate risks.

One Platform: Limitless Choice

One Platform: Limitless Choice

Millennials have grown up in the digital age with the expectation of constant accessibility. As mobile phone penetration reaches almost 100% in certain developing countries, it's imperative for financial institutions and companies with a global footprint, along with the payments industry as a whole, to catch up and provide solutions that have immediate results. By moving to real-time payments, there is an opportunity to increase transparency, detect and help prevent fraud, and create efficiencies.

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1 2016 –Oxford Economics, Euromonitor International, Kaiser Associates, McKinsey Payment Data, US Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2017; Statistics Canada, 2017; Mastercard internal analysis.

2, Same-Day ACH Corporate Survey, 2018