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With 50 years of industry leadership and a record of innovation and technology investment, Mastercard is the right partner for governments.

As governments look to electronic payments to increase efficiency, convenience and security, they need a partner that can develop and implement solutions that can do all of this and help address the financial needs of citizens.

Government to citizen

The shift to electronic payments allows governments to ensure that social benefit disbursements are delivered and used as expected, with increased transparency and reduced processing time and costs.

Government to business

Consolidating spending for supplies, equipment, services and travel onto a unified electronic payments platform makes it easier to manage expenses.

Business and citizen to government

By accepting cards and mobile payments, you make it easier for citizens and businesses to pay while ensuring greater efficiency and better cash flow.

Economic growth

Our solutions are helping governments drive sustainable economic development and inclusive growth.

Financial inclusion in Egypt

See how our technology is helping unbanked citizens

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Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

Empowering people through inclusive economies