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If you accept e-commerce transactions, you may experience fraud, chargebacks, customer complaints and shopping cart abandonment. These experiences can lead to lost revenue and increased expenses. DSRP can provide merchants with a more secure way to accept payments.

What is Digital Secure Remote Payment?

A DSRP transaction is a Mastercard® payment method that uses EMV-based cryptography to provide a safer, more secure transaction. The use of DSRP by a merchant is optional.

Merchant benefits

With DSRP transactions, Mastercard seeks to help merchants make payment transactions more secure for their customers, which can potentially also drive the following:

  • Incremental sales
  • Improved economics (e.g., reduced fraud)
  • Simplified check out and stronger consumer engagement with the merchant’s e-commerce site by reducing shopping cart abandonment and declines

In addition, consumers can benefit from increased security and the option to use their preferred payment device/app.

Merchant opt-in prerequisites

Mastercard is committed to ensuring the increased security and integrity of all payment transactions. DSRP transactions represent a valuable new technology that enhances the security of remote payments.

Mastercard is offering merchants the ability to accept DSRP transactions from digital wallets to encourage the adoption of this technology-enabled payment option and as an incentive to route transactions to the Mastercard network. Taking advantage of DSRP transactions is optional for merchants.

How to get started

Before opting-in to accept DSRP transactions, a merchant must first partner with an acquirer or processor to:

  • Develop a relevant merchant software application for use of DSRP-enabled products
  • Ensure capability to accept DSRP transactions for purchases made through such software application - whether online or in another remote or non face-to-face environment.

After completing these steps, the merchant must partner with its acquirer or processor to ensure its capability to accept the data elements generated by DSRP transaction acceptance and route transactions using DSRP to the Mastercard network.

For further details about how DSRP transactions work or how to implement DSRP, merchants should refer their acquirer or processor to Mastercard publications, which are available on Mastercard Connect or call Mastercard Global Customer Service at 1-800-999-0363 or 1-636-722-6636.