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Bank discovers significant loopholes in cybersecurity coverage

Challenge: A global bank was experiencing constant account takeover attacks. Their automated detection tool wasn’t equipped to spot sophisticated attacks. Attacks were primarily occurring on mobile devices.

Solution: The bank discovered their existing tool missed 10% of fraudulent traffic.

  • 99% of threats were mitigated in real time
  • 48M user accounts protected monthly
  • 99.5% high‐risk traffic mitigation

Stopping automated attacks in their tracks

Challenge: A major global bank was experiencing major account takeover attacks that were bypassing their current defense solution. The attacks involved thousands of logins per day, and to mimic human behavior, the bots used a different IP address up to five times a day.

Solution: The bank integrated NuDetect into its online cybersecurity measures and was able to stop automated account takeover attacks with incredible accuracy.

  • 250M total automated attempts mitigated
  • 99% accuracy
  • 0.1% false positive rate

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