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How Mastercard Send works: U.S. transaction flow

Mastercard Send enables Transaction Originators to send funds directly to a consumer's bank account within seconds1 using the debit card number associated with that account.

Step 1: Sender initiates P2P transaction to Transaction Originator.

Step 2: Transaction Originator collects debit card information and initiates transaction to Mastercard.

Step 3: The Network (Mastercard) conducts due diligence on Transaction Originator, originates the transaction, routes to PIN Debit networks and provides transaction controls.

Step 4: Sponsor Bank settles with Network and Transaction Originator.

Step 5: Transaction Receiver receives transaction data from Mastercard or the Debit Networks and posts payment transaction to cardholder's account.

Step 6: Receiver (cardholder) receives payment in account.

All PIN Debit Networks provide ubiquitous connectivity for sending funds to Transaction Receivers across card brands. 

*Mastercard Send provides a secure data transfer service that facilitates funds transfers by its partner banks. Mastercard Send does not receive funds for transmission or 

1 Depending on receiving financial institution