Online Bill Payment

Online Bill Payment

Why Mastercard Remote Payment and Presentment Service (RPPS)

Established in 1987, Mastercard RPPS processes tens of millions of electronic payments every month with unsurpassed reliability and we make the bill payment process as seamless, secure, and error-free as possible for all payment stakeholders.

The opportunity and the solution

Consumer to business bill payments are an integral part of daily life, let Mastercard RPPS show you how you can support your customers with frictionless high quality payments.

A single connection - one industry leader

Whatever your role in the bill payment value chain, your single connection to the Mastercard RPPS Biller Directory links you to the vast majority of financial institutions, payment service providers and billers in the United States.

Faster payments, greater efficiency and accuracy

Multiple transaction processing windows, good funds settlement and sophisticated transaction processing edits greatly reduce payment exceptions making payment processing highly efficient and cost effective for all stakeholders.

Expert, timely assistance

When you contact Mastercard RPPS Account Support, you will reach a trained RPPS product specialist to help you with your bill payment processing questions and needs.

Mastercard RPPS adds value across the electronic payments landscape

Get started today and enjoy extensive support