SZA. 6 Artists. 1 Message.

These six inspiring new artists of different genres and backgrounds have one thing in common. They’ve all overcome adversity to pursue their musical passion.

Watch them join five-time GRAMMY® nominee SZA, to perform Willie Dixon’s “You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover” to spread a message about breaking barriers. And remind us that everyone can Start Something PricelessTM

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Meet the Artists


Fitting in. Following others. Being labeled. None of it is Radkey. As they continue to be true to themselves by playing rock music, the three brothers show us why the color of their skin has nothing to do with the passion in their hearts.

Victoria Canal

Born without her right forearm, Victoria was consistently told what she could and couldn’t do. Her music is now proof of how drive and passion are key ingredients for anyone who seeks their true calling.

William Prince

As a Canadian aboriginal artist, William aims to inspire others, including a younger generation of First Nations members, in the same way music inspired him. His message? Overcoming self-doubt and getting stronger through songs.

Ruby Ibarra

Ruby is everything the hip-hop world wasn’t expecting. The female, Filipino-American rapper is an example of how following your heart can lead to breaking down racial and gender barriers.

Noé Socha

The blind blues guitarist and harmonica player is a testament to how great music comes purely from within and can help overcome any obstacle. It just takes one riff from his guitar to see this magic happen.

The Tracks

Optimism. That’s The Tracks’ message and musical motivation. With it, they continue to prove others wrong while paving their own way. Their combination of unique styles clearly show how The Tracks ignore the rules.

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Interview with Radkey

Interview with Victoria Canal

Interview with William Prince

Interview with Ruby Ibarra

Interview with Noé Socha

Interview with The Tracks