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We strive to create meaningful connections and cultivate a culture of inclusion, where everyone belongs, regardless of sexual orientation or identity. We are championing a future of unconditional acceptance, because we believe that’s Priceless.

a woman holding true name card


Enabling People to Use Their True Name on Cards

For many in the LGBTQIA+ community, the name on their credit, debit or prepaid card does not reflect their true identity. As a result, for the transgender and non-binary community, the card in their pocket can serve as a source of sensitivity, misrepresenting their true identity when shopping and going about daily life.

Mastercard is making a commitment to address this challenge by introducing the True Name™ feature. We are working with partners to bring products to market that will allow for chosen names to appear on the front of cards, helping ease a major pain point for the transgender and non-binary community.

Acceptance Street

Celebrating acceptance is inherent in Mastercard’s DNA, and cities like New York and companies like Mastercard have an important role to play in championing acceptance for all. On the history-rich corner of Christopher Street and Gay Street in New York City, Acceptance Street is a literal sign of support from the New York City Commission on Human Rights and Mastercard. By creating Acceptance Street, we hope to recognize the entirety of the LGBTQIA+ community and emphasize the importance of supporting inclusiveness for all.