rePower FAQs

Q: What is MasterCard rePower?

A: The MasterCard rePower Load Network is a service from MasterCard that allows you to add money to your eligible MasterCard® or Maestro® prepaid card at participating merchants. This service is currently available in the U.S. at over 100,000 retail locations.

Q: How does MasterCard rePower work?

A: Simply visit a participating retailer with the cash you want to add.

Western Union agent locations will ask you to fill out a form to initiate the load and an agent will load the fund onto your card.

Some retailers support the Card Swipe method, which enables you to complete your load in-store by asking the cashier to swipe your card.

Other retailers sell reload packs, (e.g. Green Dot MoneyPak, Vanilla Reload Pack) that you can purchase and load funds onto your card by entering the voucher code via internet or phone.

Q: How do I use the MasterCard rePower Locator?

A: Type in a city and state, or a zip code to search for a retail location nearest you. You can further narrow down the list of MasterCard rePower merchant locations by providing a street address. Click the Search button, and you will be presented with a list of locations and the type reload supported (e.g. Card Swipe, Western Union, Reload Pack).

Q: Can I reload any prepaid card at MasterCard rePower merchants?

A: Prepaid cards are the only cards that can be loaded using the MasterCard rePower load network. You can find out if your card is eligible by looking for the MasterCard rePower logo on the back of your card or by contacting your card issuer.

Q: How do I get my prepaid card balance?

A: You can obtain your balance by following the instructions provided with your card. Generally, this includes either visiting your card issuer's website or by calling the phone number provided on the back of your card.

Q: How much does a MasterCard rePower reload transaction cost?

A: Reload fees charged by the retailer may apply. Please refer to the fees section and also check with your local participating merchant for the most up to date information.