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MasterCard Nearby Support FAQs

Q: What is MasterCard Nearby ®?

A: MasterCard Nearby is a new mobile app from MasterCard that helps you quickly and easily find nearby locations where you can get access to cash or make a purchase.

Q: What mobile devices is MasterCard Nearby available for?

A: MasterCard Nearby is currently available on the App store for iPhone, the Google Play store for Android phones, the Windows phone store and the Windows store for your Windows PC or tablet.

Q: What type of locations can I find on MasterCard Nearby?

  • Find two million ATMs worldwide with 30 street level and 210 city level countries and territories.
  • Find contactless acceptance locations worldwide where you can make everyday purchases quickly and safely with just a tap of your contactless-enabled MasterCard® or Maestro® card or device.
  • Seek out cash at participating U.S. merchant locations when you make a purchase using your debit or prepaid card.
  • Search for over 100,000 participating merchants in the U.S. where you can add money to your eligible MasterCard® or Maestro® prepaid card using the MasterCard® rePower™ network.

Q: What is MasterCard contactless?

A: MasterCard contactless technology lets you make everyday purchases quickly and safely with just a tap of your contactless-enabled MasterCard® or Maestro® card or device. Contactless is accepted globally at all kinds of merchants, including retail stores, fast-food restaurants, pharmacies, transit points of entry, and grocery and convenience stores - wherever you see the universal contactless symbol.

Q: What is MasterCard® rePowerTM?

A: The MasterCard rePower Load Network is a service from MasterCard that allows you to add money to your eligible MasterCard® or Maestro® prepaid card at participating merchants. This service is currently available in the U.S. at over 100,000 retail locations.

Q: What are cash back locations?

A: Merchants that offer consumers the capability to get cash from their debit card when making a purchase.

Q: How do I use the app?

A: It's simple, just select the services you want to find and the app will automatically find locations near you and display them on the map. You can also search for locations by entering an address into the search bar. Click on a location to display further information, share the location via e-mail or text and depending on your location, obtain driving directions. You can also report a problem on a location.

Q: What search filters are available?

  • You can search for ATMs by Financial Institution name or look for ATMs with the following features:
    • o Drive-through
    • o 24-Hour Service
    • o Wheelchair Accessible
    • o No Surcharge - ATMs which participate in the Surcharge free alliance network and do not charge fees for cash withdrawal transactions.
    • o No Access Fee – ATMs which do not charge a fee for cards issued within the country.
    • o Deposit Sharing – Deposits can be made at any of these ATMs by cardholders of participating banks.
    • o Bank ATM – ATM located inside of a financial institution.
    • o Chip Reader Enabled – ATMs where credit and debit cards with chip and/or magnetic stripe can be used.
    • o International Maestro Acceptance - ATMs which accept Maestro debit cards.
  • Search for participating MasterCard contactless and cash back merchants by Merchant name or category including:
    • o Apparel
    • o Automotive
    • o Convenience stores
    • o Restaurants
    • o Gas stations
    • o Transportation
    • o And many more
  • Search MasterCard rePower locations by method for reload of funds:
    • o Card Swipe method enables you to complete your load in-store by asking the cashier to swipe your card.
    • o MoneyPak or Vanilla Reload are reload packs that you can purchase and load funds onto your card by entering the voucher code via internet or phone.
    • o Western Union locations will ask you to fill out a form to initiate the load and an agent will load the funds onto your card.

Q: Do I need to have Location Services enabled in order to use the app?

A: In order for the app to automatically find locations near you, Location Services must be turned on in your phone settings. If Location Services is not turned on, you can still search for a location by typing a street address into the Search bar.

Q: I am trying to find locations in a specific country or regional location, but I am not finding any. Why not?

A: MasterCard Worldwide receives location information from financial institutions and directly from transaction data. If you do not receive any results in a particular country or region, the information is currently not available. We are continually working with financial institutions and Merchants globally to expand our location database and provide you with the most up to date and accurate location information.

Q: Why do all of the locations show up in the center of the city?

A: We are continually adding street level mapping capability in new regions and territories. Street level mapping refers to geographic regions where location coordinates can be provided to street level precision. In countries where street level mapping is not yet available, location coordinates are provided at the city or postal code center.

Q: Why aren't driving directions available for my region?

A: For regions which do not currently have street level mapping capability, we are unable to provide directions to a location.

Q: How can I find out how to navigate the app?

A: Walk through the tutorial when you install the app for the first time or to get to the tutorial at any time go to About - View Tutorial.

Q: What is the All tab on the top slider bar?

A: When you select multiple services, by default you will be placed on the All view showing all services selected. If you wish to view only a single service at a time, use the top slider bar to move to a single service.

Q: What does a number pin on the map mean?

A: A number pin indicates that multiple services are available at a single location.

Q: Why am I not getting any results when I type an address in the search bar?

A: You may want to try putting in more address information such as street, city/town, state/province. You may also want to modify your radius in your settings to ensure you don't have too small or too large of a radius selected.

Q: Can I send locations?

A: Yes, locations can be shared from the location detail page by clicking on the share icon. You can send location information via e-mail or SMS text.

Q: How do I find my own bank's ATMs?

A: Select ATM from the top slider bar and click the filter icon on the bottom bar. You can filter then select the financial institution you want to search for from the drop down list.

Q: How can I select specific Merchants or Merchant categories?

A: You can filter merchants for contactless and cash back locations. Select cash back or contactless from the top slider bar and click the filter icon on the bottom bar. You can filter by merchant name or category.

Q: How do I report a problem with a location?

A: Go into the location details by clicking on a location from the map or list view. Select the report a problem icon in the lower rightmost position. Select a pre-defined problem from the drop down list or select Other and type in the problem description.

Q: Can I change my search radius?

A: Yes, you can select a radius between 1 to 25 miles or km in the app Settings.

Q: Where can I find more information:

ATM FAQs can be found at

MasterCard contactless FAQs can be found at

MasterCard rePower FAQs can be found at

Terms of use can be found at:

Privacy Policy can be found at:

Q: How do I provide feedback on the app or if my question is not answered above?

A: You may use the apps report a problem function to report location specific feedback or send an e-mail to