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Q: What is manual bill payment?

A: With manual bill payment you can arrange convenient pay amounts and scheduling with your selected service providers. You have the freedom of selecting a) the amount to pay and b) the date on which you want to make payment. Each time a bill is due, you initiate the payment process.
To set up this option:

  • Review your paper or electronic bills and select which ones to pay with your MasterCard card.
  • Contact your service provider(s) (by phone or online) to pay your bill.

Q: What is automatic bill payment?

A: Automatic bill payment can help you avoid late fees and charges by allowing your selected service providers to automatically charge your MasterCard card account on a regular basis.
To set up this option:

  • Contact your chosen service providers to arrange monthly, weekly, or quarterly payments. The pre-authorized payment can be a fixed dollar amount, or fluctuate, such as your phone bill for the total amount due for the time period.
  • You can use this payment method indefinitely or stop automatic payments at any time by contacting your service provider(s).

Q: What are the benefits of bill payment using a MasterCard®card?

A: Using your MasterCard card is much faster and more convenient than writing checks and saves on postage. You can initiate payments at anytime and from anywhere in the world. Charges will appear on your monthly MasterCard account statement, so it is an easy and efficient way to stay organized and keep track of your expenses. This can be very useful when it comes time to prepare your income taxes. When using automatic bill payment you won't have to worry about missed payments or paying late fees. Plus, depending upon the MasterCard card you elect to use, you may be able to earn rewards in MasterCard card usage frequency programs such as frequent flyer and automobile rebate programs.

Q: How do I pay a bill with a MasterCard card?

A: You will need to contact your service provider(s) to make an electronic payment. Tell them that you would like to pay the current amount due or to participate in their automatic bill payment program using your MasterCard card. They will ask for some information to set up the service and provide you with instructions on how to begin making payments. Many provide this payment option through their Web sites or, alternatively, over the telephone. A great place to start is our Biller Directory. We add billers and their contact information to this list regularly. If your biller is not listed, look for its customer service number on your bill or visit its Web site directly.

Q: Which cards can I use for Bill Payment?

A: You can use a credit or debit card that bears the MasterCard logo. We recommend that you confirm with each biller that you're interested in setting up bill payments with to ensure that it accepts your card as a form of payment.

Q: Can I pay my billers who accept MasterCard directly from this site?

A: Not currently, but you can access your billers' Web sites from your saved billers' list. To pay a bill you must visit your biller's Web site and either pay manually (one-time payment) or set-up automatic payments there.

Q: Do I have to pay a fee for Bill Payment using a MasterCard card?

A: MasterCard does not charge a fee for bill payment. While most service providers do not charge a fee, be sure to ask if they charge any fees or have any restrictions associated with making a payment using your MasterCard card.

Q: What information will the service provider/biller request?

A: Remember that manual bill pay is an arrangement you make with your selected service provider(s), so you will need to contact each directly (by phone or online) to arrange payment amounts and scheduling.

Generally speaking, for manual bill pay the biller will need your MasterCard card account number and the expiration date. For automatic bill payment, the biller may also need the payment amount it is authorized to automatically charge, and the specific date you wish to be charged each month.

Note: Not every service provider/biller will allow you to choose this date, but many will. Some service providers may require additional information, such as your signature.

Q: When I enroll in automatic bill payment with my service provider, will I still receive a bill?

A: Remember that automatic bill pay is an arrangement you make with your selected service provider(s), so you will need to contact each directly (by phone or online) to arrange payment amounts and scheduling.

Most billers continue to mail a bill indicating the total amount they will charge to your MasterCard card account. However, some providers may allow you to elect to receive an online bill - via the Internet - or no bill at all. At the time you initiate an automatic bill payment relationship, you should determine how the provider will bill you. Also, your MasterCard monthly statement will provide you with a convenient, thorough record of charges to your MasterCard card account.

Q: How often can I make automatic bill payments, and when do bills get paid?

A: Remember that automatic bill pay is an arrangement you make with your selected service provider(s), so you will need to contact each directly (by phone or online) to arrange payment amounts and scheduling.

Each biller has its own procedure for automatic bill payment. You will need to clarify these procedures with the provider when you initiate your automatic bill payment relationship.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of automatic bill payments I can have on a MasterCard card?

A: No, but you may be limited in making overall charges to your MasterCard card account if doing so would cause you to exceed your credit limit.
Remember that automatic bill pay is an arrangement you make with your selected service provider(s), so you will need to contact each directly (by phone or online) to arrange payment amounts and scheduling.

Q: What if I want to stop an automatic bill payment?

A: Contact the Biller with whom you've set up the automatic bill payment, and follow their procedures to cancel or change the method of payment.

Q: Are there any payments that are prohibited from being paid electronically?

A: Some companies and government agencies may not accept automatic bill payments or payments with a MasterCard card.

Q: What if my MasterCard card account information changes?

A: Your MasterCard card account information may change due to a lost or stolen card, expiration date change, or an upgrade to a new product (for example, gold to platinum). When enrolled in automatic bill payment, to prevent an interruption in service, you must contact each biller and give them your new MasterCard card account information. We recommend that you keep a list of all billers that you pay automatically so you can efficiently update this information when necessary.

Q: Who is my card issuer?

A: MasterCard Worldwide licenses its payment card brands to banks and other financial institutions that issue cards and service cardholder accounts. We do not issue cards directly. You will find your card issuer's contact information on the back of your MasterCard card and/or on your billing statement.

Your Account Information

Q: What if I pay my MasterCard bill late?

A: Your bill payment to your biller should still be made, even if you pay your MasterCard bill late. However, you will need to refer to your cardholder agreement with the financial institution that issued your MasterCard card to determine how new charges are handled if you are delinquent in your MasterCard account payments.

Q: What if I don't agree with a charge on my MasterCard statement?

A: It is recommended that you review your paper or electronic bill your biller provides prior to any payment being made with your MasterCard card. However, if there is an error or question about a payment billed to your card contact your biller immediately to resolve payment discrepancies.

As a MasterCard cardholder, you are not responsible for unauthorized purchases charged to your account. Learn more about our Zero Liability* coverage. Exceptions apply.

Q: How do I modify my e-mail reminder settings?

A: Sign into My MasterCard Billers to modify your setting.

Q: Questions not answered here

A: If your question is not listed among the previous topics and questions, your best option is to contact the financial institution that issued your account as only they hold account specific and unique information. Typically there is a customer service number for your financial institution on the back of each card that you can call. You can always contact the MasterCard Assistance Center toll free at 1-800-307-7309 or 'Collect' by dialing 1-636-722-7111.

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