MasterCard PayPass®

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Tap, pay and be on your way.

Shopping is fast when you don’t have to swipe

PayPass is a payment method that lets you make everyday purchases without having to swipe the magnetic strip on your card or provide your signature*. It's faster than fumbling with cash or waiting for change, and it makes checkout easier than ever. All you have to do is Tap & Go™ at one of the hundreds of thousands of PayPass-accepting merchants around the world with a PayPass-enabled phone, card, key fob or mobile payment tag.

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MasterCard PayPass

Next generation payment technology

A tiny microchip and radio antenna embedded in your PayPass-enabled device transmit your payment details wirelessly to a high-speed PayPass reader at checkout. The reader then verifies your transaction with your bank through MasterCard's reliable network and indicates approval almost instantly.


Encryption technology and MasterCard Zero Liability† protection on your PayPass-enabled Credit, Debit or Prepaid MasterCard card make using PayPass at checkout as safe as swiping. And PayPass has built-in safeguards to help prevent unwanted purchases:

  • It never leaves your hands at checkout
  • It must be extremely close to the reader to work
  • It only bills you once – even if you tap twice by mistake

Encryption is just one of many security technologies MasterCard uses to help prevent and detect fraud. Learn more about MasterCard card security features.

PayPass Tap & Go


To use PayPass, just tap the PayPass symbol on the reader at checkout. When you see the green light and hear the beep, your payment has been accepted. That's it — you're ready to go.*

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PayPass on your mobile device

Google Wallet

Now you can tap, pay and save with Google Wallet and your any debit or credit MasterCard card with PayPass®.

PayPass Locator App

PayPass Locator App

Use the PayPass locator Android app to find merchants who accept PayPass around the world

Card Security

PayPass adds a level of security since your mobile device never leaves your hand when you Tap & Pay™

Bank of America Mobile Pay Tag


Use the pay tag for a new way to pay with your mobile phone.
Request yours today‡.
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Citibank Mobile Payment Tag


Just attach to the back of your mobile phone and speed through checkout anywhere PayPass is accepted. Click to get a mobile payment tag‡‡.

*Transactions over $50.00 require PIN entry.

†Certain restrictions apply. For further details, see Zero Liability.

‡Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC ©2012 Bank of America Corporation

‡‡To request a Citi MasterCard payment tag, you must have an eligible Citi MasterCard credit card. Citi is a registered service mark of Citigroup Inc.