20 years ago, in the Astor Place Theater, three creative friends brought to life their dream of never before seen, groundbreaking theatrical performances. It was then, in New York, when the world was introduced to The Blue Man Group.

More than 17 million people from all over the world have enjoyed these high-energy, intensely musical, and incredibly fun performances for years which have managed to stay true to its roots here in New York City, while at the same time meeting the demands for more in other parts of the world. I have had a chance to enjoy them a few times myself.

Thus, it is no surprise that I would want to share this with my own family, except this time, I had the opportunity to offer them a unique experience that went beyond the show – this time, I would compliment it all with a behind the scenes look an hour before the show even started!

With the MasterCard Priceless New York program, my family and I were able to sit through a Sound Check session, done once daily before each show, and watch the musicians and Blue Man Group performers play, tweak and rehearse before the theater house opened to the general public.

What's even better is that having been able to see the performers before they were in full Blue Man Group gear helped my little ones not be nervous or afraid later on during the show, when the theater house was much darker and the Blue Man Group was, well, blue.

Being a part of an exclusive audience during Sound Check - which lasts about 30 minutes – enjoying what has become an iconic symbol of electronic, musical, and comedic theatrics, in the location where it all began, feels like a pretty big deal. Watching my little boys' face freeze in awe of it all? Well, that's a pretty Priceless NY moment for sure and one we will not soon forget.

Only 15 guests a month will be able to attend this pre-show, one-of-a-kind experience. Total value xoxoxo

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