MasterCard Prepaid Health and Wellness Solutions

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With MasterCard® prepaid health and wellness solutions, companies and their employees can work together to create a higher-quality health care experience. Prepaid health and wellness cards help cut administrative red tape, reducing and eliminating the hassles of paperwork and check writing for cardholders. Plus companies lower administrative costs and boost not only the efficiency of plans and payments, but also employee participation in wellness programs.

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Prepaid Health and Wellness Solutions

MasterCard Wellness Prepaid Card

Companies can maximize participation in wellness programs with a card that offers the rewards employees want and reduces administrative overhead. Learn More  

MasterCard Health Savings Account (HSA) Card

Corporations can reduce costs, improve cash flow, and simplify the health savings process for everyone involved with the Health Savings Account (HSA) card when they meet employees’ demands for pre-tax health care plans. Learn More  

MasterCard Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) Card

Increase employee participation in pre-tax health care plans with a turnkey health care card program that offers spending controls and enhanced tracking and reporting for businesses. Corporations reduce costs, improve cash flow, and simplify the health expenses reimbursement process. Learn More  

MasterCard Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Card

The tax savings and health expenses reimbursement process for pre-tax health care plans is complex; companies can streamline and simplify the process, while increasing employee participation, with a turnkey health care card program from MasterCard. Corporations reduce costs, improve cash flow, and increase employee satisfaction. Learn More  

MasterCard Dual Value Health Card

The MasterCard Dual Value Health Card enables employers and health plans to combine a member/employee healthcare funding purse with a restricted-spend purse for targeted items and incentives. By combining MasterCard’s payment network with InComm’s closed-loop payment system, the Dual Value Health Card can be swiped at the point of sale (POS) and routed to an open-loop or closed-loop processor, allowing the cardholder to offer payment on eligible items while simultaneously receiving targeted incentives, all in real time and right at the POS.

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