MasterCard Prepaid Incentive and Business Solutions

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MasterCard prepaid incentive solutions give companies the opportunity to streamline processes and save money. Whether it,s to reward an employee for outstanding service, or to provide a hassle-free rebate, these cards help expand relationships—their relationship and yours.

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Prepaid Incentive and Business Solutions

MasterCard Prepaid Incentive Card

Give employees, third-party distributors and customers a reward they value while building loyalty and satisfaction, as well as improving retention. The MasterCard Prepaid Incentive card is an appealing promotion and incentive tool, with substantially lower administrative and management overhead than traditional incentive programs. Learn More  

MasterCard Business Prepaid Card

The MasterCard Business Prepaid card offers companies and their employees an alternative way to help make and manage business-related payments. The card can be instantly issued, and spending easily tracked and monitored, helping them gain control over spending without increasing administrative costs. It’s the solution that’s more efficient, more secure, and less expensive than cash or checks, and makes purchasing easier than ever before.

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