Supplier Enablement Program for Corporate Payments

Tools That Promote New Or
Expanded Supplier Acceptance

In the world of corporate payments, the value and utility of card acceptance is becoming more and more critical. Customers need to conduct business in the most efficient, streamlined way possible. That means handling transactions electronically. Expanding supplier acceptance of corporate payment cards is the key to growing and maximizing efficiency, profitability, accountability, and savings.

The US Corporate Commerce Development team is dedicated to bringing our business partners together and Making Connections that will strengthen business relationships and deliver significant value.

The Supplier Enablement Program is comprised of the following tools to help increase acceptance:

Acceptance Cost Benefit Model and Instructions: This model is targeted at corporate suppliers. It enables the user to compare the cost savings of accepting cards versus a paper-based invoice program. The instructions help the user navigate both an interactive example and an individual analysis in order to understand industry- and individual-supplier savings opportunities.

Sales Brochure: A detailed review of the business advantages of accepting the MasterCard Corporate Purchasing Card.

Case Study: A compelling analysis to demonstrate how MasterCard Corporate Purchasing Card acceptance improved one company's bottom line.

Supplier Enablement Tools: A series of letter and fax templates designed to be mailed in sequence-with increasing urgency-encouraging suppliers to begin accepting electronic payments. Templates are provided in both Word and PDF so that the various components may be customized.




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For the rules governing the MasterCard family of brands, or when you need information about MasterCard acceptance, turn here.