General Programs

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The following programs represent some of the truly valuable ways that we can help you build a stronger, more secure, and more effective business.

Quick Payment Service Program

The Quick Payment Service (QPS) program is a program developed by MasterCard for facilitating payment acceptance in industry segments where the point of service is traditionally cash-based and speed is crucial to the sale. QPS transactions occur in a face-to-face environment in which card account data is read electronically from the card.

MasterCard has waived certain operating rules and regulations for registered participants, which allows QPS merchants to quickly process transactions under particular currency amounts without having to obtain the cardholder's signature and providing a receipt only upon cardholder request.

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The MasterCard Logo Means Business

Let consumers know their MasterCard cards are welcome by promoting the MasterCard Brand where it really matters—outside your storefront and on your Web site. See how displaying the MasterCard Brand Mark can mean loyal customers and more profitable sales volume.

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MasterCard Site Data Protection (SDP) Program

Protect your business and your customers against hackers and other online security challenges. MasterCard Site Data Protection Service provides products and services for ongoing Web site security protection. Online enrollment is available.

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MasterCard SecureCode for Guaranteed Payments on the Internet

MasterCard SecureCode is designed to help merchants and card issuers make Internet transactions more secure. So secure, in fact, that you may realize a guaranteed payment for fully compliant transactions.

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MasterCard Co-Branding

Build customer loyalty by combining your logo with the MasterCard Brand Mark on a MasterCard card through co-branding.

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B-to-B Programs

Are you a supplier to corporations and government agencies? We can help you provide more value and improved service to strengthen your customer relationships.

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Business Programs

MasterCard provides programs specifically designed for your business that can help you manage your company's accounting, purchasing, payroll and cash flow needs.

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Find out how our cardholders can get emergency assistance and access their benefits from anywhere at any time.


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