Demonstrating Excellence

We've created the following demos to help you get more engaged with MasterCard acceptance and the innovative thinking that's behind our products and services. Check this page occasionally to view new materials that will be added periodically.

The Anatomy of a MasterCard:

MasterCard cards are far more than just plastic rectangles. There's a lot of bright thinking that goes into creating them. This demo covers MasterCard cards' built-in security and convenience features, and flexible, attractive design options.

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The Anatomy of a Transaction:

When one of your customers presents a MasterCard card for purchase, do you know what happens to ensure that you get paid for your goods or services? You should. This easy-to-understand demo illustrates the four phases of the transaction process.

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The Merchant's Guide to Chargebacks: Top 10 Things Merchants Should Do

It is important for merchants, large and small, to understand their chargeback rights. The following module articulates ten helpful ways merchants can minimize risk of chargebacks and best position themselves to respond to a chargeback request.

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Payment Card Fraud Prevention Training Online:

Yes, you are still the first line of defense against fraud. This training will familiarize you with MasterCard security features, instruct you on how to better identify fraudulent cards, and identify the actions to take if you suspect fraud.

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You can also download the Payment Card Fraud Prevention Training Modules and save them to a computer or CD.

The WinZip Utility is required to download and extract the training content. Download time varies depending on your connection, but the average is 12 minutes per download.

Once the download is complete, extract the archive to your hard drive or writeable CD. To run the training modules, double-click on the MCShell.exe file. You may also create a shortcut to MCShell.exe and run the training from your desktop display.




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