MasterCard® Prepaid for Businesses

Prepaid Solutions Can Better Businesses Of All Kinds

MasterCard prepaid solutions for businesses provide the same kind convenience and simplicity that consumer prepaid solutions do and offer corporations and businesses of every stripe the ability to lower costs and streamline operations while increasing employee satisfaction. They also represent a growing population of prepaid cardholders who use prepaid cards instead of cash and checks to purchase goods and services on behalf of their employer, pay for travel expenses, redeem employee incentives, and pay for healthcare.

Business Prepaid Card: A practical solution that helps to make business purchases easy and can streamline purchase and accounting processes.

  • Reduced overhead. Companies can cut costs by simplifying the purchasing, payment, and reconciliation processes.
  • Controlled expenses. The Business Prepaid card offers companies the ability to track and report detailed spending activity.
  • Accepted nearly everywhere. Employee cardholders can make purchases anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted, whether online, by phone or mail, or in person. The only limitation is employer restriction on where the card can be used.

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Prepaid Business Gift and Incentive Card: A unique, cost-effective way for companies to reward valuable employees.

  • Cost-effective incentive. Companies can streamline costs of incentive programs by eliminating paper-based procedures.
  • Increased employee satisfaction. Greater flexibility and choice adds up to higher satisfaction.
  • An ideal reward for everyone. Employees can choose the reward that suits them best.

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Prepaid Health Benefits Card: A faster, more convenient way for employees to pay for healthcare through their flexible spending accounts.

  • Healthy participation. Increases employee participation in pretax healthcare plans.
  • Simpler healthcare. Provides employees with easier access to healthcare funds with minimal paperwork and out-of-pocket expense.
  • Instant payment. Allows employees to pay instantly for prescription and over-the-counter medications, co-payments and other expenses.

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Payroll Card: A less costly, more efficient, safer way to pay employees who don't have access to traditional banking services.

  • Reduced cost and time. Payroll cards are up to 75% less expensive to issue than checks.1
  • Payroll made easier. Companies can simplify payroll distribution to employees without access to traditional banking services and contract, student and temporary workers.
  • Improved relationships. Payroll cards can strengthen employee relationships through easier, faster payments.

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Business Travel Card: An effective way to streamline travel operations and reduce the traditional hassles and costs of business travel.

  • Reduced-expense reports. Companies can process expense reports at lower cost2.
  • Streamlined process, more control. Companies can simplify corporate travel payment processes and control expenses more efficiently.
  • Eliminate out-of-pocket expenses. Employees don't have to pay any expenses with their own money and submit them for reimbursement.

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Public Sector Solutions: A simple way for public sector organizations to streamline processes, reduce costs and, maintain spending policies when disbursing funds to employees, contractors or recipients of public benefits and/or emergency assistance.

  • Increased efficiency, reduced costs. With Prepaid MasterCard, organizations can secure funds distribution, streamline operations, decrease paperwork, and enforce spending policies more effectively.

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From marketing campaigns to regulatory guidance to implementation assistance, MasterCard can help you make your prepaid program a success. We offer:

  • A variety of marketing materials and turnkey support to help you create successful campaigns.
  • A deep understanding of the prepaid environment, and legislative and regulatory assistance through our Stored Value Coalition.
  • Help in identifying and building right type of card program for your business.
  • For more information about MasterCard prepaid cards, contact your MasterCard representative.

1"…payroll cards are up to 75% less expensive to issue than checks" cited as Payroll Card: The Next Generation E-Pay Solution, SmartPros, June 2004
2$30 is the average cost to manually process one expense report. Aberdeen Group, Travel and Entertainment Expense Management, August 2008




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