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Improve Your Revenue Cycle And Reduce Bad Debts —
Smarter Payments For A Healthier Bottom Line

As you know, complex payments can be frustrating—for everyone. Your cash-flow and the overall state of your business depend on timely and efficient payments. Unfortunately, the complicated landscape of healthcare benefits is making it harder for your patients to manage their healthcare spending while you work hard to improve your revenue cycle and reduce bad debts. Accepting MasterCard payment cards helps you better serve your patients while simultaneously supporting the health of your business:

Accepting MasterCard payment cards helps you better serve your patients while simultaneously supporting the health of your business:

Capture Payments More Efficiently

With the trust and recognition of the MasterCard brand, healthcare-specific payment tools, and our safe, secure and reliable processing network, we can help you secure more payments at both the point-of-sale and post service online via your patient portal. Funds will be electronically deposited in your bank account in as few as 24-72 hours. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of additional multiple payment options.

Assure Payments

MasterCard's easy-to-use payment products—including healthcare payment cards and network enhancements that offer faster, more accurate transactions. When you accept MasterCard payment cards payment is virtually guaranteed.

Streamline Payments Administration

Our portfolio of healthcare payment products make transactions simpler and less time consuming. Point-of-sale and Post service card payments reduce back office billing and cost associated with third party collections to help capture more payments with less time, effort, and cost.


Accepting cards for medical services is very straightforward and similar to what occurs in a retail environment. Once the patient indicates a desire to use a card for payment, your staff will swipe the card and receive an instantaneous approval or rejection. If the card is declined, your staff can ask the patient if they would like to use a different card, or pay by an alternative method. And you don't need to determine the type of card the patient is presenting (e.g., debit, credit, FSA, HSA) because they are all processed in the same manner.

There are several ways to optimize MasterCard acceptance benefits to your healthcare practice. For example, by displaying the MasterCard name and logo on office signage, your patients will know that you accept MasterCard. You can also prominently display the MasterCard Brand Mark on your invoices to inform patients of the option to make a payment by credit or debit card. After a brief registration process, you can order free acceptance decals and signs for your POS; along with high resolution camera ready artwork for your online patient portal. This tool helps you to get the marketing materials you need to let your patients know that you want to accept their cards

We will help you make the most of MasterCard acceptance—for both your Practice and your patients.


As a healthcare professional, you may not be aware of the important role MasterCard can play in healthcare payments. In addition to managing the financial settlement and authorization systems, MasterCard administers the systems' operating rules and regulations, develops programs to open new merchant segments, and creates new payment programs and services to make it easier for your patients to pay you. Of course, we also promote and advertise the MasterCard Brands.



Accepting MasterCard offers your patients greater payment flexibility and customer satisfaction, giving them even more good reasons to visit your practice.


Accepting MasterCard allows you to access the growing number of patients who use employer-sponsored healthcare spending accounts, innovative MasterCard Healthcare cards, and any other MasterCard-branded cards.