Higher Causes Deserve Higher Donations

Attract new donors. Streamline your operations. Now, do both at the same time. Considering the administrative costs associated with fundraising, meeting that challenge is never easy. But serving a worthy cause is an activity that deserves support. MasterCard acceptance can help reach your goals by enabling your donors to give regularly and automatically, while reducing your costs and possibly increasing total donations.

Because approximately 9 in 10 U.S. consumers carry at least one payment card for convenience, flexibility, or to earn benefits from a loyalty card program, many nonprofits accept payment cards as an attractive alternative to cash and checks for initial and recurring donations.

MasterCard acceptance offers some important benefits to nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, including:

Faster Payment

With fewer payment problems and delays, card acceptance can mean your organization receives donations more quickly.

Reduced Solicitations

MasterCard can help facilitate recurring donations from your contributors.

Increased Donations

The recurring payment option encourages contributors to think beyond a one-time donation and consider an ongoing commitment.


Your Web site is an effective, efficient tool for spreading the word about your organization and eliciting private support. MasterCard conducted research with more than 50 nonprofit Web sites to establish best practices for online giving. Our research findings are summarized in a comprehensive presentation-Improving the Usability of Online Giving: Top 10 Best Practices and Guidelines. These guidelines can help ensure that your online giving process is clear, concise, and easy for visitors to navigate. You can download the guidelines as a PDF document from the right column of this page.

MasterCard can also help you evaluate the usability of your organization's Web site to achieve your fundraising goals.


MasterCard proudly partners with local, national, and international organizations that are dedicated to providing opportunities for young people to access education, understand and utilize technology, and develop the skills needed to succeed in a diverse global workforce. MasterCard dedicates financial as well as human resources to achieve these important goals. Eligible organizations can request support from MasterCard.


(MasterCard is dedicated to helping your organization achieve its goals. That's why we offer the following services to help you make the most of your giving program:

Marketing Expertise And Support

MasterCard can help you develop effective communications with a clear message and strong call to action.

Free Exposure

MasterCard will list your organization in the bill payment directory on so cardholders know they can make a donation with MasterCard.

Keep Card Account Data Current

If you maintain card-on-file data for your customers' automatic recurring bill payments, you face the challenge of card payments that decline due to account changes that have not been communicated to you—with each billing period. Declines compromise revenue flow and are inconvenient to customers as well. They also increase your direct and indirect expenses by forcing you to contact customers for either updated account information or alternate payment arrangements.

The MasterCard Automatic Billing Updater helps to ensure uninterrupted payments for you and uninterrupted service for your customers by seamlessly updating card-on-file account information. It helps to maintains and builds customer satisfaction.

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MasterCard RPPS

This sophisticated electronic payments processing network streamlines online payments and saves money by providing a single channel for all donations made electronically through online bill payment services.

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In addition to managing the financial settlement and authorization systems, MasterCard administers the systems' operating rules and regulations, develops programs to open new merchant segments, creates new payment programs and services, and promotes and advertises the MasterCard Brands.


A large percentage of consumers have indicated that SecureCode would increase their likelihood of buying more online.


Streamline your bill payment process and decrease labor output and non-payment risk while improving customer convenience and service.