Merchant Best Practices

Achieve Operational Efficiency
with Proper Transaction Processing

what you need to know

MasterCard is publishing a set of best practices for merchants using authorizations, pre-authorizations, incremental authorizations and reversals to support Automated Fuel Dispenser, e-Commerce, Lodging, Vehicle Rentals and Cruise Line business scenarios typically requiring use of these transaction types. These best practices provide merchants with scenarios and recommend options for transaction processing in these merchant environments. Proper transaction processing will lead to operational efficiency for merchants and the best management of cardholder open to buy. Learn more by accessing the following Fact Sheets:

Best Practices for Authorization Reversal Processing (PDF)

Best Practices for Automated Fuel Dispenser Processing (PDF)

Best Practices for E-Commerce Processing (PDF)

Best Practices for Lodging, Vehicle Rental and Cruise Lines (PDF)