MasterCard Electronic™

Reaching New Customers And Reducing Risk

The first thing you'll notice about MasterCard Electronic payment cards is that they're physically different than traditional cards. There are no raised numbers or letters, eliminating the risk associated with offline transactions.

MasterCard Electronic can help you reach customers who have not had access to traditional payment cards, potentially increasing revenue. Featuring remarkable flexibility, security and control, it's a versatile payment solution designed to encourage electronic transactions and help financial institutions and merchants build their businesses while reducing risk.


MasterCard Electronic gives merchants the opportunity to reap sales from a new and untapped customer base. As a first step into the world of MasterCard card products, it can help new cardholders begin to build long-term customer relationships with your business.

MasterCard Electronic has been specifically designed for use in electronic terminals. Cardholder information is printed, not raised, so the card cannot be used in a manual imprinter. The "100% ELECTRONIC" legend under the brand mark reinforces that message so consumers understand that merchants will be processing their transactions electronically.


MasterCard Electronic cards work just like any MasterCard card at points of sale with electronic terminals. So if you have an electronic data capture terminal, you are already eligible to begin accepting these cards, without equipment or system changes. However, since additional licensing is required to accept MasterCard Electronic cards, you will need to contact your bank or processor to make sure they have already signed a MasterCard Electronic License Agreement.

Because MasterCard Electronic cards feature a distinctive brand mark, you will want to display a decal indicating that your establishment welcomes this brand. Free decals, as well as Brand Reference and Merchant Training lay-by cards, are available from your bank or processor.


Incremental Revenue and Growth

MasterCard Electronic can help you increase revenue through previously untapped customer segments and local and international transactions.

Enhanced Control Features

MasterCard Electronic cards have no raised numbers or letters, so offline transaction risk is eliminated.

Cash and Check Conversion

MasterCard Electronic can help you realize a reduction in cost and risk of cash and check handling.

Easy Implementation

MasterCard Electronic uses the existing authorization system with virtually no changes in the clearing and settlement process.

Unique Features

  • 100% issuer authorized
  • No floor limit
  • No manual key entry
  • No call referrals
  • eCommerce transactions require MasterCard SecureCode™
  • No mail order or telephone order transactions.

To start accepting MasterCard Electronic right away, contact your acquirer or processor.




MasterCard SecureCode is an innovative security feature built-in to MasterCard cards that protects both your customers and your business.


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