Food Services

Satisfaction Is Our Specialty

Whether you run a full-service restaurant or a fast-food enterprise, your customers want a satisfying visit, good food and efficient, courteous service go a long way to meeting your customers' expectations, but giving them flexible, hassle-free ways to pay completes the experience.

That's where MasterCard acceptance can help. Today, consumers worldwide are using less cash than even five years ago and many don't believe that it's necessary to carry cash at all.* In addition, only a small minority are willing to wait on line for more than 10 minutes for purchases of less than $25.* Clearly, these trends are being felt in the food services industry. So offering your customers the benefits of MasterCard payment solutions is more than added value, it's a business imperative.

Fortunately, MasterCard acceptance offers the following benefits to food services businesses:

Improve Customer Acquisition

You can acquire more customers from competitors who do not accept MasterCard cards.

Deliver Better Service

Provide faster checkout, rapid authorization and offer a choice of payment options.

Increase Potential Sales

Faster service means potentially more customers served per day.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Customers are more likely to return to a business that offers several payment options and associated rewards programs and promotions.

Reduce Check Handling

Fewer checks accepted lowers the risk of employee errors and theft opportunities.


They're Not Limited By Cash-on-Hand

Your customers are free to take advantage of specials or make additional purchases.

They Speed Through Checkout

Today's technology allows debit card transactions to normally be processed as fast as cash and faster than checks.

They Appreciate Multiple Payment Options

Customers enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a variety of payment options.

There's No Need To Carry Cash

No need for cash means fewer trips to the ATM.

* Source: 2007 MasterCard Global Cash Usage Survey. The data set forth above in this survey derived from information provided to MasterCard and is subject to certain limited verification by MasterCard. Certain information indicated on the survey may not have been independently verified by MasterCard. All data is subject to revision and amendment by MasterCard subsequent to the date of the release of this survey.


It's the industry's leading contactless payment system and it can give your customers a new reason to shop at your store.


Strengthen your customer relationships and increase loyalty while lowering acquisition costs.