What You're Really Selling Are Positive Experiences

Running a successful convenience business means ensuring that your customers have the most trouble-free, efficient experience possible. Accepting MasterCard means you'll have access to payment solutions that make patronizing your convenience business, well, even more convenient.

For gas stations, parking facilities, supermarkets, convenience stores, or any quick serve business where speed and ease of service are paramount, MasterCard allows you to serve more customers, more efficiently. And that can translate into increased repeat business and stronger loyalty. It also means that you can potentially process more transactions per day—and your customers aren't limited to cash-on-hand—setting the stage for increased revenue.

MasterCard card acceptance offers many benefits to "small ticket" business like yours that can help you achieve both your business and customer service goals:

Deliver Better Service

Provide faster checkout, rapid authorization and offer a choice of payment options.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Customers are more likely to return to a business that offers several payment options.

Get Paid Sooner

You receive payment faster than with checks—usually within 24 to 72 hours.

Card Acceptance is Safer Than Cash/Checks

With less cash and fewer checks on hand, theft risk is potentially reduced.

Reduce Check Processing Costs

Fewer checks accepted lowers the cost of check processing and the likelihood of check-acceptance problems.


They're Not Limited by Cash-on-Hand

Your customers are free to take advantage of specials or make additional purchases.

They Speed Through Checkout

Today's technology allows debit card transactions to normally be processed as fast as cash and faster than checks.

They Appreciate Multiple Payment Options

Customers enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a variety of payment options.

There's No Need to Carry Cash

Many customers feel safer if they don't have to carry a lot of cash.

They Can Collect Rewards

Some customers may elect to pay with a card to support their participation in a reward program.

They Can Track Expenses

Card statements help your customers track their expenses for household budgeting.


It's the industry's leading contactless payment system and it can give your customers a new reason to shop at your store.


The Quick Payment Service (QPS) Program was developed by MasterCard to facilitate payment acceptance where the point of service is cash-based and speed is crucial to the sale.