Frequently Asked Questions

MasterCard SecureCode FAQs

Q: What is MasterCard SecureCode?

A: MasterCard SecureCode is a program designed to provide online retailers with the added security of having issuing banks authenticate their individual cardholders and qualify their online transactions for protection against "cardholder unauthorized" or "cardholder not recognized" chargebacks.

Q: How does MasterCard SecureCode work?

A: When a cardholder submits their online order at a participating merchant, the MasterCard SecureCode solution performs the following to ensure that the cardholder is authorized to make this transaction:

  1. It initiates an in-line window from the card issuer prompting the cardholder to enter their unique personal code.
  2. The issuer validates the personal code and approves the transaction.

Q: What steps do I need to take to support MasterCard SecureCode?

A: Programming to support MasterCard SecureCode may already be available through your transaction processor. As an online retailer, all you need to do is:

  1. Contact your transaction processor to confirm that they support the MasterCard SecureCode program.
  2. Install a MasterCard SecureCode compliant "plug-in" application on your site.
  3. Test your site with MasterCard to ensure that SecureCode is working properly.
  4. Display the MasterCard SecureCode logo to let your customers know that you are working to secure Internet shopping.
  5. Transmit transaction authentication values to the card issuer via your normal authorization process using the Universal Cardholder Authentication Field (UCAF).

Q: How do I benefit from using MasterCard SecureCode on my Web site?


  • Protection from "cardholder unauthorized" chargebacks for fully compliant transactions. Such protection is designed to reduce your chargeback exposure and processing expenses.
  • Consumer confidence increases, making customers more likely to make a purchase on your Web site.
  • You can expand the geographic reach of your business by selling to customers in countries where online debit cards are used more widely than credit cards. In addition to added protection against chargebacks for these customers, you will be able to process their Maestro® debit transactions.

Q: Is MasterCard SecureCode easy for online shoppers to use?

A: Yes. Cardholders simply enter their private MasterCard SecureCode in an in-line window provided by their card issuer on their PC before their online transaction can be completed. The card issuer is responsible for validating and safekeeping this code.

Q: Does MasterCard SecureCode also support Maestro® cards?

A: Yes. MasterCard SecureCode provides a new way for issuers to support Maestro debit transactions over the Internet. This allows more cross-border transactions with merchants in countries where debit is more established than credit.

Q: How do I find a certified MasterCard SecureCode vendor?

A: A current list of certified compliant MasterCard SecureCode vendors is available on the MasterCard Merchant Web site.

View The MasterCard SecureCode Vendor List

Q: Once I implement MasterCard SecureCode, how do I test my site?

A: Contact your transaction processor when you are ready to test your site.

Q: Am I required to display the MasterCard SecureCode program logo on my site?

A: Yes. Once you have successfully completed testing, MasterCard will provide you with the MasterCard SecureCode logo to display on your Web site in accordance with MasterCard guidelines. This lets customers know you are doing your part to make their transactions safer.

Q: How do I download the MasterCard SecureCode logo?

A: Once you have completed compliance testing, MasterCard will provide you with a MasterCard SecureCode program identifier.