Frequently Asked Questions

General Merchant FAQs

If your question is not here, please ask your acquirer/payment facilitator or contact us.

Q: What should I do to accept payment cards?

A: Many service providers have firm guidelines as to what types of businesses they can support and how much risk they can manage. It pays for you to shop around for service or click on "find your payment provider" to try to match your needs with a provider's interests.

Q: How can I get involved in electronic commerce?

A: Today, many merchant service providers can assist you in accepting cards over the Internet or by mobile phone. In fact, many can help you create a Web site, add a shopping cart function, and enhance the security of your site and transactions. Contact your service provider to learn more. If you do not yet accept cards, contact an acquirer.

Q: What is an EMV (Chip Card), and how can this new technology help my business?

A: The EMV (Chip Card) is a card embedded with a computer chip. EMV (Chip Cards) are simple to use and accept, and can give cardholders increased convenience and control. These cards can even remember past card activity and keep track of purchases, offering retailers and service providers lots of marketing opportunities.

Q: How can I direct my customers to the closest ATM that will let them get cash with their MasterCard card?

A: MasterCard cardholders have access to over 900,000 automated teller machines all over the world. Use the ATM Locator to find the locations nearest you.

Q: What should I do if my customers need a replacement card?

A: Simply direct your customers to call MasterCard Global Service®. One call offers cardholders the security of worldwide emergency assistance in their own languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world. The phone number in the U.S. is 800-MCASSIST.

Q: What is the procedure when a card is presented but cannot be swiped?

A: The merchant should manually enter the card in the POS device.

Q: How can I download the MasterCard brand mark for use on my Web site?

A: Electronic versions of the MasterCard Brand Mark are available from the MasterCard Brand Center for download.

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