Advisors Merchant Solutions

Enhance Performance
With Actionable Analytics And
Customized Marketing

Successful merchants are always looking for an edge, especially in a tight economic climate. Information can be one of your most potent tools to stay ahead of your competition and maximize your opportunities. MasterCard Advisors Merchant Solutions have been designed to help you do just that, giving you valuable business intelligence and applications that can help improve your market share and capture more spending from your customers.

The tools in the suite—SpendingPulse™, Benchmark & Reporting, Custom Analytics and Custom Merchant Solutions—provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to improve performance. You can benefit from unique and timely information on consumer spending, or performance data on your stores benchmarked against your larger industry and a defined competitive set. Further, our marketing solutions identify patterns of consumer behavior, indicating a likelihood to respond to your promotional offers, then reach out to those customers and prospects with direct marketing featuring your brand identity.

These tools, whether deployed individually or in combination, help enhance your ability to:

  • Maximize promotional, geographic, and merchandising opportunities
  • Understand consumer demand and market share so you can manage inventory and staff appropriately and maximize operational efficiency
  • Attract new customers, enhance consumer loyalty, and capture more consumer spending


SpendingPulse reports give you a clear and detailed picture of consumer spending in your industry and at a macro level. Data is based on sales activity from the MasterCard payments network coupled with survey-based estimates for other payment forms, including cash and check. The result: exceptionally timely, actionable reports that can help you conduct more effective marketing campaigns, optimize forecasting and planning, and improve supply chain management.

Benchmarking & Reporting

Benchmark & Reporting is a Web-based application that delivers comparative performance data directly to your desktop. Examine spending and growth in your locations—from the national to the MSA or DMA level—against overall performance in your industry category and against a defined, aggregated set of competitors. Track performance over time and across multiple loyalty-based segments for greater depth. The unique intelligence you gain can help you make important and productive decisions about advertising and marketing, buying, merchandising, and operations.

Custom Merchant Solutions

Custom Merchant Solutions are turnkey marketing programs aimed at your goals: customer acquisition, improved loyalty, or increased spending from existing customers. Using custom models and drawing on the cardholder lists of participating card issuers, we identify the best potential customers for your promotional offers, then develop and execute direct marketing programs on your behalf that encourage the specified behavior.

Custom Analytics

The Advisors Merchant Solutions custom analytics team tackles complex, highly customized analytics projects. Sophisticated segmentation and modeling techniques are deployed within these data-driven consulting engagements to provide exceptional quantitative insights into consumer behavior.