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Welcome to the MasterCard contactless Merchant Implementation Support Site

The MasterCard Contactless Merchant Implementation Support Site is the result of ten years of experience managing MasterCard Contactless merchant implementations. This site contains the information you'll need to help you through every stage of contactless implementation -- you can walk through the implementation process step-by-step or simply click on the topic you're interested in.

Step One

Getting Started With MasterCard Contactless

All the information you need to set the stage for a successful roll-out of MasterCard contactless—from defining project scope and setting objectives to conducting an effective pre-implementation kick-off meeting and developing a project plan.

Step Two

Identifying Requirements

The key hardware and software requirements needed to begin accepting MasterCard Contactless at your locations. From conducting a site survey to determining POS/ESR requirements, this section walks you through the critical infrastructure requirements for a successful implementation.

Step Three

Ordering Equipment

Follow these steps to ensure timely delivery of your readers, terminals, and other equipment.

Step Four

Development and Training

To maximize MasterCard Contactless functionality, make sure that the technological and human elements of your implementation plan are in place—from deployment schedules to training materials to software coding changes.

Step Five


Here you'll find the information you need to certify your software and equipment, obtain cards for testing, and conduct a comprehensive test to ensure a seamless implementation.

Step Six

Putting MasterCard Contactless to Work

Final considerations for the critical pilot test, along with suggestions and best practices for ongoing success with MasterCard Contactless.