Unembossed MasterCard® Cards

Providing Innovation And Flexibility

The first thing you will notice is that unembossed cards are like other MasterCard cards with one difference the cards are "flat." All account information is printed rather than embossed with raised letters and numbers. All other required card design features remain the same.

In addition to promoting electronic transactions, unembossed cards allow for innovative card designs with various formats for the account information and better accommodation of applications, such as MasterCard® PayPass™ RFID components.

Easy Implementation and Acceptance

Unembossed MasterCard cards may be accepted by any merchant that already accepts MasterCard cards and is equipped with a terminal capable of reading a magnetic stripe or chip. In face-to-face environments (when the customer is present), if you do not have a terminal capable of reading a magnetic stripe and chip, you may ask for another MasterCard form of payment.

If you are a merchant that processes transactions using only manual imprinters, you might not be able to accept this type of card yet, as you may incur additional liability in a chargeback situation.

In face-to-face environments, merchants who decide to key-enter the cardholder account number into their point of sale (POS) systems for authorization should be aware that they could be liable for certain chargebacks by not being able to prove card presence through a manual imprint of the card. Details are available in the Chargeback Guide.

Learn How To Recognize and Accept Unembossed Mastercard Cards

Download the document, Accepting an Unembossed MasterCard® Card. This lay-by card may be used to train your staff and can be posted at your POS terminals for easy access.




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