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Whether you're a traditional business with an eCommerce Web site, or a pure online retailer, you know that doing business online has its advantages. Big advantages. Naturally, so do we. That's why we offer solutions, resources and industry knowledge to help you reach new markets, build strong customer relationships and maximize the potential of your online opportunities.

It's another powerful way that we support our merchants and add value that can make your business more efficient, more customer-friendly and more profitable. Take a few minutes to explore the following ways that MasterCard can help you strengthen your eCommerce capabilities—and your business overall.


Sixty-six percent of online consumers who don't buy online cited security concerns a main inhibitor.* MasterCard SecureCode offers valuable peace of mind and makes online shopping more secure by providing cardholders with a unique personal code for their transactions. In addition to helping prevent chargebacks and fraud, SecureCode allows electronic retailers to ship orders with confidence. It's a simple, cost-effective way to encourage eCommerce while reducing risk.

SecureCode Addresses Consumer Concerns:

  • 70% are very concerned with security and fraud issues
  • 26% would purchase more frequently online if there were more security protection from a card
  • 44% of those likely to use SecureCode would be likely to buy more online
  • 66% of online consumers who do not make purchases online cited security concerns as a main inhibitor

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Online business presents huge opportunities. But with opportunity comes the risk of a specific type of payment fraud. MasterCard card verification and security programs enable cardholders and merchants to feel more confident about conducting online transactions. That's why we've provided some very important steps for helping to keep online and all "card not present" transactions secure.

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Ninety percent of all U.S. consumers have at least one payment card, and payment cards are widely used globally for online payments. MasterCard allows businesses to automate Internet, telephone, and self-service kiosk payments, resulting most often in quicker, more secure transactions than online check or other types of payments. We also enable you to provide time-saving and stress-relieving services to your customers like automatic recurring payments, and offer enhanced merchant services like the Automatic Billing Updater, which helps to ensure uninterrupted payments by keeping card data up-to-date.

Whether you're an online retailer or you're in a business ranging from utilities to insurance to property management-or even a public sector organization—eCommerce with MasterCard can improve your payment management process, improve cash flow, reduce the risk of loss and increase customer satisfaction.

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Today, a huge amount of travel and tourism commerce is eCommerce. From airlines and auto rentals, to hotels and travel agencies, the Web has become a portal to the world in more than one sense. MasterCard acceptance can help travel businesses deliver better customer service, streamline operations, reduce fraud and reduce costs. And it enables your customers to plan, book and enjoy their journeys with maximum efficiency and convenience.

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*Source: MasterCard SecureCode research




It's easy to start accepting MasterCard as payment and get all the benefits that come with it. Begin the process by contacting an acquirer.