Do you know the cost of cash?

The cost to support cash in the US is $200 billion, annually.

cost of cash
  1. Cash costs governments, merchants, businesses and consumers.
  2. The US government spends $1.2 billion per year in printing and securing cash resulting in higher taxes. Making a penny actually costs the government 2.5 cents.
  3. Counting, securing, transporting and depositing cash has a negative impact to your productivity.
  4. Cost of cash to societies is .5 to 1.5 of GDP; the US has $15 trillion in GDP, which equates to $200 billion in cost, annually.
  5. Businesses lose $40 billion cash to theft, annually.
  6. Cash is a limiter – people make direct spending choices based on the cash on hand. With payment cards your customers can freely make purchases.

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