How to Accept MasterCard Cards

Easy For Your Customers,
Easy For You

It's easy to begin to accept MasterCard. And, naturally, that's how it should be. After all, we offer easier, more convenient credit, debit, and prepaid payment options for your customers. So we've worked hard to make sure that becoming a MasterCard merchant is as quick and simple as it can be.

First, contact an acquirer.

An acquirer is a financial institution that is a licensed MasterCard member that provides services such as card payment processing, hardware and software, monthly statements, and more. An MSP is a third-party contracted by some MasterCard-licensed member banks to handle merchant services on their behalf and may function as a sales agent for an acquirer.

Then, set up a merchant account.

Once you select an acquirer or member services provider (MSP) of your choice you will need to apply for a merchant account.

We understand that there are many considerations to make when assessing the benefits of accepting MasterCard cards. Please view our Getting Started Frequently Asked Questions page to see answers to common business questions about card acceptance.




Interchange rates are established by MasterCard and paid by acquirers to issuers on card transactions.


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