MasterCard Integrated
Processing Solutions™ (IPS)

Complete processing solutions for delivering differentiated
products and services across debit, ATM and prepaid
Are You Looking

Are you looking for processing efficiencies that help drive serious savings? Or leading-edge innovations that help deliver competitive advantage?

Now you can have both.

MasterCard Integrated Processing Solutions™ (IPS) can help you:

  • Enjoy the greater efficiency that comes with a single, integrated platform.
  • Leverage the innovation made possible by next-generation technology.
  • Offset the effects of recent fee regulations with alternate revenue sources.
  • Detect fraud faster with multiple layers of cutting-edge fraud and risk management tools.
  • Deliver advanced prepaid technology and reliability with true global reach.
  • Give your customers the benefit of MasterCard's rich portfolio of products and services.

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Debit Process


When it comes to debit processing, efficiency drives savings. From authorization and routing to card management and settlement, MasterCard IPS is your complete debit processing solution with enhanced fraud protection.

ATM Process


An open standards platform for ATM driving, monitoring and value-added services that can help boost your bottom line.

Prepaid Process


A full-service prepaid processing solution with global reach, providing both advanced functionality and high reliability while supporting the entire card life cycle.


Innovative products and services to support all your processing needs.

Fraud Detect


A multi-pronged, layered approach to fraud and risk management that integrates cutting-edge technology for highly secure solutions.

Report Analytics


MasterCard IPS delivers both user-friendly reporting and powerful research tools.

Process Services


Our highly experienced and responsive service teams can support your needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Portafolio Viewer


An integrated view of all your cardholder and customer functions through MasterCard's intuitive user interface.

Valued Added


MasterCard offers a rich portfolio of value-added services to help you deliver an exceptional customer experience that's ideal for increasing loyalty, spending, and brand preference.

Next-generation technology allows you to respond quickly to changing cardholder needs and evolving organizational goals.

That's critical in today's fast-changing environment. Rather than multiple processing platforms obtained through past acquisitions, IPS represents a single, fully integrated platform built for optimal performance. And rather than years of code patched over code, IPS delivers leading-edge technology, designed for agility and speed to market.

MasterCard IPS lets you:

  • Respond rapidly to changing needs and goals. Our parameter-based platform enables customized, differentiated products and services.
  • Stay on the cutting edge, with the innovative products and features your customers demand.
  • Take control of administration, with rules-driven attributes for program management, robust fee engine, role-based security, and multi-level reporting.
  • Leverage our innovative technologies to establish competitive advantage, such as Multi-Currency Purse, which allows traveling cardholders to carry several currencies on a single card.

A single point of contact and comprehensive view help drive serious savings.

MasterCard IPS, the globally integrated platform for debit and prepaid processing, eliminates the inefficiencies that accompany numerous disparate platforms. IPS offers an easy-to-use single connection to a comprehensive, globally integrated infrastructure.

MasterCard IPS can help you:

  • Save valuable time and effort by connecting with one go-to resource and avoiding the aggravation of managing multiple provider relationships.
  • Improve productivity, simplify training, reduce costs, and speed conversion through a single look and feel for all systems and software. IPS's Web interface, Portfolio Viewer, pulls data from various back-end systems, facilitating a quick response to cardholder inquiries and streamlining the back office. No more inefficient workflows or fragmented views of cardholder data.
  • Fight fraud more effectively by unleashing state-of-the-art fraud and risk tools that help you identify suspicious transactions early and manage risk at every point in a transaction.

MasterCard IPS is designed to handle the demands of the world's most sophisticated issuers. As your business grows, we're there to support you.

MasterCard is a global processor with a fully integrated debit and prepaid platform that's both scalable AND highly secure. As a single partner across processing and brand, you can rely on MasterCard for everything from network product support to compliance rules to reports that facilitate cardholder segmentation.

MasterCard IPS is designed to meet the processing requirements of the world's largest card programs. As a result, it can help you:

  • Process on a system that grows with you. The IPS global footprint and scalable infrastructure facilitate customer expansion without major development.
  • Handle customer transaction and portfolio management activity more easily, with a system scaled to handle top-tier issuers.
  • Quickly expand beyond borders with the IPS global footprint, EMV chip and PIN technology, and multi-language, multi-currency support.

Industry leading availability, operational excellence and high security deliver a platform and partnership you can count on.

You don't have to choose between advanced technology and reliability—MasterCard IPS offers both in one integrated package. IPS includes full system redundancy across dual sites for ultimate reliability. At the same time, it supports advanced technologies such as EMV chip and multi-currency. You can benefit from the experience and infrastructure of an industry leader, while leveraging MasterCard's rich portfolio of products and solutions.

With MasterCard IPS, you can:

  • Enjoy a highly responsive partnership with experienced professionals in strategic payments. Our professionals are dedicated to supporting your objectives. We anticipate where the market is going and provide innovative solutions for our customers.
  • Get exceptional service through our highly secure platform, with availability rates that top industry standards.
  • Experience superior reliability, security, and operational excellence with a fully redundant system and technology that is industry proven.