Protect Your Cardholders
And Your Institution

Fraud Detect

Fraud losses continue to grow globally, with increasing complexity, sophistication, and risk. Frequent pattern changes make it hard to spot fraudulent activity among large numbers of transactions. In addition to the obvious financial loss, fraud costs your customers. And it hurts your reputation.

MasterCard Integrated Processing Solutions™ (IPS) offers an integrated suite of state-of-the-art tools, including real-time fraud scoring to help you effectively detect and control debit and prepaid fraud and continue to investigate and manage exceptions, claims, and disputes. IPS is leading the industry in innovation and adoption of new, leading-edge technology, such as Falcon Fraud Manager 6, developing an integrated fraud detection and exceptions processing platform. Our common platform and interface enable faster detection across debit, ATM, and prepaid, streamlining investigation and management of exceptions, claims, and disputes. IPS allows you to adapt quickly to changing fraud trends and better manage the competing concerns of fraud reduction and customer experience.

Our Fraud Management Services help issuers in the following areas:

  • Better fraud cost control and improved profitability
  • Reduction in false positives
  • More efficient claim and dispute management
  • Higher authorization levels
  • Greater customer satisfaction

Worldwide payment card fraud exceeds $6.89 billion per year1

1 The Nilson Report, 2010.



FICO® Fraud Predictor combines the predictive power of merchant and cardholder data with the analytic power of FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager for higher detection rates with lower false positives. Merchant profiles summarize the transaction and fraud history of each merchant to predict likelihood of fraud, adding an additional dimension to the traditional fraud score. FICO® Card Alert Service, an investigative data mining and analysis service based on ATM network switch data, helps detect and control the risk of large-scale, counterfeit PIN-based fraud, and reports compromised cards before big losses are taken.


This represents an automated, intelligent decision engine that routes and automatically acts on fraud alerts and cases, improving efficiency, customer satisfaction, and fraud prevention.


IPS fraud solutions can be integrated with the MasterCard Worldwide network to provide a comprehensive approach to fraud scoring. That approach can include MasterCard's EMS iPrevent, a real-time, next-generation network scoring solution that monitors transactions for irregular patterns of usage; Compromised Account Service Threat Scores, based on transactional data, to help determine when a compromised account should be reissued; and SecureCode, a simple yet secure way to pay at thousands of online stores.


IPS combines exception processing with fraud management for an unparalleled exception processing solution for PIN and signature debit, as well as prepaid transactions. Once a suspected fraudulent transaction is confirmed, it is processed as an exception item, using one system. This provides you with a dedicated fraud claims workflow, as well as automated SAFE reporting and batch functionality. Working in tandem with Falcon 6, IPS offers an integrated case management tool for end-to-end case exception processing. Its easy workflow facilitates training and allows for quick response to customer complaints.