Value Added

Transaction history is the best indicator of a cardholder’s budget, preferences and needs. Using insights based on your cardholder’s purchase history and program feedback, the innovative TruAxis end-to-end platform presents relevant and customized money-saving offers via your financial institution to your debit and credit cardholders from their favorite merchants. This value-add program can help you increase loyalty, overall wallet share and cardholder satisfaction.

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MasterCard and TruAxis Can Help You

MasterCard and TruAxis can help your business:

  • Quickly and easily deliver card-linked, personalized offers via online banking, mobile, and email channels
  • Enable cross-sell of other products including loans and recurring payments
  • Provides access to multiple offer types from over 39,000 US merchants nationwide

MasterCard and TruAxis Can Help Your Cardholders

MasterCard and TruAxis can help cardholders:

  • Easily view and track personalized rewards in one place
  • Simply use their debit/credit card at 39,000 US merchant location to redeem
  • Be confident their transactions are secure with de-identified transaction data