A Faster Way
to Check-Out Online

With MasterPass, cardholders can now make purchases with a click of a mouse, a touch of the tablet screen, or (coming soon) a tap of the smartphone. Not only does it add convenience for them, it can help accelerate your multi-channel strategy.

MasterPass digitally stores cardholder payment information (for MasterCard and other supported brands), along with shipping addresses, in one convenient and secure place. This flexible, fast-to-market solution can help you deepen cardholder relationships and with minimal costs for development and maintenance when leveraging MasterPass hosted wallets.

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MasterPass Can Help You

MasterPass is designed to help your business:

  • Accelerate your multi-channel strategy with an off-the-shelf digital wallet solution, or integrate your own wallet solution in the MasterPass Network
  • Incur minimal costs for wallet development and maintenance if you leverage a MasterCard hosted solution
  • Deepen cardholder relationships
  • Have the opportunity to host your own cardholder information, especially if you leverage the API solution.
  • Add multiple layers of security with multi-factor authentication and enhanced fraud tools

MasterPass Can Help Your Cardholders

MasterPass can help your cardholders:

  • Enjoy the speed and convenience of a quicker checkout
  • Use any connected device for online purchases, including computer, tablet, smartphone, and smart TV.
  • Check out with the ease of the mobile-optimized MasterPass site, even if the merchant site is not yet mobile friendly
  • Feel more secure with multiple layers of security to help minimize fraud and protect their information.