MasterCard with EMV Chip Technology

The Future of Payments
is Already Here

EMV is not just a chip on a card. Its underlying technology supports smarter, more secure transactions and serves as the backbone for the future payment technologies. At the heart of these transactions is dynamic authentication which incorporates unique information making it virtually impossible to replicate. As your partner, MasterCard works with you to determine what chip functionalities are right for you and your cardholders to help increase your success in the payments space.

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MasterCard with EMV Chip Technology Can Help You

EMV Chip technology can help your business:

  • Stay competitive by offering the latest payment technology.
  • Improve economics due to lower incidence of fraud and potential for increase in card usage for cross border travelers.
  • Enable new applications such as offline acceptance and PIN as a CVM on credit and commercial cards.

MasterCard with EMV Chip Technology Can Help Your Cardholders

EMV chip technology can help ensure your cardholders are satisfied with:

  • Global acceptance at 35.9 million while enhancing the cardholder experience when traveling outside of the United States.
  • Unique information incorporated into each transaction, making it virtually impossible to replicate, greatly reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Dual interface chips that have contactless functionality.