Taking the Fear Out of
Personal Finance

No one should have to live in fear of their finances.

Everyone should have access to the kind of financial education that opens doors. Unfortunately for many, especially young adults entering the workforce, the un-banked and under-banked – people who have not yet taken full advantage of the financial opportunities at their disposal – personal finance can be a daunting, concept.

Our financial education programs take the fear out of personal finance issues, Our programs are primarily focused on educating young adults, the un-banked and under-banked, to empower them to become intelligent consumers. Our programs make these consumers' lives easier, taking the guesswork out of credit, debt and saving issues.

Featured Programs

We are committed to financial education around the world — that's why we've created a range of financial education programs tailored to consumers in several global markets.

Are You Credit Wise

Since college students are more likely to be influenced by their peers, MasterCard's responsible spending program for college students focuses on peer-to-peer communication to teach the fundamentals of good credit habits, campus-wide.

MasterCard RPPS Credit Counseling

MasterCard, our creditors and issuers, are working in partnership to make a difference in the lives of consumers struggling with their finances. As a key player in the Credit Counseling sector, MasterCard is central to the facilitation of Debt Management Proposals (DMPs) and payments.

Peace of Mind

MasterCard developed Peace of Mind educational materials that teach consumers how to protect themselves from fraud in several, easy-to-follow tips.

Prepaid Consumer Education Campaign

The Prepaid Consumer Education Campaign works to help consumers understand the power and convenience of prepaid debit products and how these products help consumers with budgeting, financial basics, and overall financial inclusion.

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Success Story

Success Story

MasterCard Worldwide gave $1 million to the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) to support programs for students in across the U.S.

Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion

Parents can make back-to-school shopping less stressful — but planning ahead is critical.

Tools & Tips

To help consumers save well and spend wisely, MasterCard has created a site full of tools, resources, tips, links and more to help consumers keep their financial life pointed in the right direction.



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