We strongly believe that no one should be shut out of the global economy because of a lack of financial knowledge — and several other organizations agree with us. The following organizations have partnered with us to help us create new opportunities for people to thoughtfully and knowledgeably participate in the global economy.

Operation Hope

Operation HOPE (HOPE) and MasterCard have created the Joint Framework of Financial Literacy and Empowerment. The partnership is designed to demonstrate the payment card industry's commitment to financial literacy and empowerment.

Junior Achievement

For over a decade, MasterCard has partnered with Junior Achievement to deliver a financial skills curriculum to students in Europe.

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

MasterCard is working with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) to deliver entrepreneurship education to at-risk youth in low-income communities.

Grameen Foundation

MasterCard has partnered with the international nonprofit Grameen Foundation, as it works to improve and extend microfinance around the world using cutting-edge technology.

National Center for Teaching Financial Literacy

The National Center for Teaching Financial Literacy (NCFTL) delivers financial literacy and capability to those most in need.


Success Story

Success Story

MasterCard Worldwide gave $1 million to the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) to support programs for students in across the U.S.

Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion

Parents can make back-to-school shopping less stressful — but planning ahead is critical.

Tools & Tips

To help consumers save well and spend wisely, MasterCard has created a site full of tools, resources, tips, links and more to help consumers keep their financial life pointed in the right direction.



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