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Your MasterCard credit card can be used for all your shopping needs. Use your card for everyday purchases to help you control expenses. You can use it to pay at places that don't accept cash or checks, like hotels or online. Use your card to cover large or unanticipated expenses, like major appliances or car repairs, and your card makes travel so convenient. Your MasterCard credit card gives you the freedom to be able to support the lifestyle you want.

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Zero Liability*

You don't have to worry when you use your MasterCard credit card because it's covered by Zero Liability protection, whether you pay in a store, over the phone or online. As a MasterCard cardholder, you're not responsible in the event that someone makes unauthorized purchases with your card.

MasterCard Global Service

Get emergency assistance virtually anytime, anywhere and in any language. MasterCard Global Service™ helps you with reporting a lost or stolen card, obtaining an Emergency Card Replacement or Cash Advance, finding an ATM location, and answering questions on your account.

Identity Theft Resolution Services

If someone steals your identity, Identity Theft Resolution Services can help you resolve the situation promptly. You get an ID Theft Affidavit and an ID Theft Resolution Kit as well as access to a number of services, including credit bureau notifications. You also have access to 24-hour specialists who will lock out all your reported cards and documents, and, if needed, can even coordinate a conference call with your card issuer. Included is also Identity Theft Alerts, which is a FREE service only offered by MasterCard. You are alerted you if it detects that your personal information is being bought or sold online. Click here to learn more about Identity Theft Alerts. Call 1-800-MASTERCARD to learn more about this benefit.


Fuel Rewards Network™

Find out how you can save even more money on fuel at Shell with MasterCard and the Fuel Rewards Network program.

Price Protection

Should you find a lower price for a new item within 60 days from the date of purchase using your eligible MasterCard, you may be reimbursed for the price difference.

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty doubles the original manufacturer's (or U.S. store brand) warranty and service contract/optional extended warranty, where each is 12 months or less. Coverage is for eligible items purchased with your MasterCard.


World MasterCard


Empowers you with the flexibility to explore the places and pursuits that mean the most to you.

Learn more about World MasterCard

World Elite


Offers cardholders nothing less than outstanding purchasing power and top-of-the-line features
and benefits.

Learn more about World Elite MasterCard

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More than just a piece of plastic

Contactless Payment

Contactless Payment is a fast payment method that lets you pay at checkout with your MasterCard credit card or debit card without swiping the magnetic strip on your card or signing. Just Tap and Go™.


SecureCode is a private code that provides added protection for online shopping. Your transactions get independent approval every time.

Card Security

MasterCard operates a sophisticated, multi-level fraud monitoring system to protect cardholders from data compromise and fraud.

Card Benefits

As a MasterCard cardholder, you can have peace of mind knowing your personal credit or debit card comes with benefits that save you time and money.

Tax Payments

You can get more options and flexibility at tax time when you use your MasterCard credit card to pay federal and certain state income taxes online or by phone.

MasterCard® Chip

A new way to pay.


Special Offers

Ads & Offers

Discover our latest collection of valuable offers, Priceless® experiences and other great benefits – exclusively for MasterCard cardholders.

Bill Pay

Flexibility and control over the way you manage and pay your bills.



Find out how you can save even more money on fuel at Shell with MasterCard and the Fuel Rewards Network program.



Special offers & savings with PGA TOUR.


Be the first to know about premier events and offers in the cities you love.

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*Conditions and exceptions apply. For further details, see Zero Liability.

These are summary descriptions only. Additional terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Contact your issuing financial institution for complete coverage terms and conditions or
call 1-800-MC-ASSIST (1-800-622-7747). To file a Price Protection or Extended Warranty claim on-line, please go to