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We’re transforming travel and entertainment (T&E) expense management with the advanced card products that help to increase efficiency and transparency—plus the data analysis tools to help you easily track and manage budgets.

Partner with MasterCard for more insight into the value of integrated T&E data.

International View: In Search Of Acceptance

Eco-Efforts take on Supply Chain

MasterCard Corporate Card®

Reduce costs and streamline processes for authorizing, tracking, and reconciling your corporate travel and entertainment expenses.

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MasterCard Executive Card

Gain more flexibility and freedom to purchase exactly what your business needs, when you need it.

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Maintain control over expenses, and contain costs with centralized payments and data from a single account held by your Travel Management Company.

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MasterCard Multi Card

Enhance control and flexibility by usingone card for all purchasing, T&E, and fleet spending.

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MasterCard Meeting Card

Monitor and manage meeting expenses with designated meeting cards.

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MasterCard Per Diem Solutions

Monitor and manage employee travel expenditures easily and efficiency, with pre-set travel allowances.

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MasterCard Enhanced Data program

Gain access to detailed, itemized expense data for improved expense analysis and management.

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Leverage the richest transaction data available to generate comprehensive spending reports, manage and control travel spending, and accurately integrate transaction data into your company's existing accounting systems quickly, easily, and cost-efficiently.

  • Access detailed cardholder spending activity reports
  • Easily integrate into existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, with no proprietary software
  • Support diverse company expense management needs
  • Avoid extensive and costly software upgrades

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Let us show you how MasterCard Smart Data can improve your corporate travel operations while helping to increase your margins.

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See how MasterCard Smart Data can help you better manage and leverage key travel and entertainment data.

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MasterCard Travel ControllerTM - The Next Generation in Travel Payments

Now there's a simpler way to manage central travel account expenses.

MasterCard Travel ControllerTM


MasterCard Travel ControllerTM


  • Access Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) for travel-related payments from the reservation workflow.
  • Configure transaction-level spending controls for each purchase type and individual payment.


  • Capture enhanced customer data and detailed transaction data during booking to ease internal reconciliation and reporting, policy management and supplier negotiations.


  • Leverage expanded functionality for all central travel bookings with total flexibility for all payment categories-air, hotel, car rental/service, rail, and Travel Manager service fees.
  • Easily integrate virtual accounts into your current reservation and expense management processes.
Let us show you how MasterCard Travel Controller can streamline your corporate travel operations.

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Acceptance Matters to Corporations, and We Can Prove It!

International View: In Search Of Acceptance

Acceptance Matters, and now we know by how much

When it comes to a corporate card program, global acceptance is the most important factor*. Not only does MasterCard have more than twice the global acceptance locations as American Express**, but also delivers accessible global data for an added advantage.

Payment can be complicated in the international arena. Some countries traditionally rely on cash payment for air, hotel and other large expenses. In fact, 53% of international business travelers have been caught in an awkward situation due to corporate card non-acceptance*.

Increasing Supplier card acceptance for business-to-business (B2B) purchasing has for many Issuers and Acquirers been perceived to be an uphill battle over the previous decade. With the prevalence of electronic funds transfers (EFT), and continued support for check payment, Suppliers' commitment to traditional payment methods continues to remain the last great inhibitor to card usage in the B2B space.

MasterCard, partnering with Kaiser Associates, studied Supplier card acceptance, seeking to answer two key questions:
1. What drives card acceptance decision-making?
2. What is the net financial impact associated with card acceptance?

Read the White Papers, contact your MasterCard representative and see what Acceptance can do for you!

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Let us show you how global card acceptance affects your business.

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* Neilson Report Feb 2012
** Kaiser Associates

The MasterCard Multinational Corporate Program (MMCP) offers an efficient, cost-effective method of managing and consolidating commercial card programs into a single solution.

It allows you to conduct business seamlessly by consolidating all of your global card payments into one easy-to-administer card program.

Strengthen your global footprint with an established brand.

  • Hundreds of MasterCard commercial issuers worldwide
  • Over 100 countries with local issuance capabilities
  • Cross-border issuing development support with Regional Support, Franchise and Advisors
  • Partnerships and data integration with leading expense management and ERP providers
  • T&E partners across the globe that supply enhanced data capability

Choose from payment and information solutions that fit customer needs

  • Payment Capability
  • MasterCard Corporate, Purchasing and Multi Card
  • Travel Controller (coming soon)
  • CTS (lodged) programs
  • Purchase Control
  • Information and Integration Solutions
  • Smart Data suite
  • Enhanced data services
  • VAT recovery

Contact your MasterCard account representative for more details.

Centralize your transaction and industry data with the MasterCard Global Data

  • Consolidate global reporting
  • Generate reports consisting of transaction data and industry data with MasterCard Smart Data
  • Get data delivered to your ERP system or MasterCard's web-based tool
  • Make smarter decisions with data matching capabilities

Get world-class support throughout the sales process.

  • Promotional activities
  • Business development support
  • Online marketing assistance
  • Program optimization tools
  • Lead generation

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