MasterCard Smart Data

Achieve Commercial Spending intelligence with MasterCard Smart Data

The MasterCard Smart Data suite delivers global, Web-based reporting to help business organize, consolidate, analyze and manage financial data. This industry-leading solution delivers data that helps companies of all sizes control spending, reduce operational costs, and ensure compliance with company policy.


A recent MasterCard survey of global corporate travel manager found that 55% said acquiring quality data became more important in the past 12 months1 . 61% of purchasing card program managers report obtaining a higher discount through the use of purchasing card spending data2. Smart Data empowers companies to take charge of their operations through powerful analytics and administrative tools so they can manage expenses in order to help identify waste and generate savings.


MasterCard is the only payments network with a single proprietary commercial MIS solution for all card programs geographies, and customer segment. Smart Data effortlessly delivers basic to detailed transactional data based on your needs. By consolidating transaction data automating expenses management, and delivering critical business intelligence, Smart Data helps your company.

  • Drive greater efficiency and cost savings with enhanced expenses reporting featuring rich transaction data
  • Build robust expense tracking and managements of cardholders spending
  • Manage transactions in multiple currencies and languages
  • Integrate with existing accounting and enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems without costly software upgrades.

1.MasterCard/BTN Group, Survey of Global Corporate Travel Managers, December 2011
2. Source Palmer, Richard and Gupta. Mahendra, RPMG 2012 Purchasing Card Benchmark Survey Results

World Class

Smart Data offers a Single, Scalable, and Global Platform that has grown since 1994.

  • 22 languages
  • Transaction support for all major currencies
  • 200+ issuers in more than 50 countries
  • 500,000+ companies

How Smart Data Works

When employees make purchases using their commercial cards, the transaction data is automatically routed to MasterCard's Global Data Repository (GDR). The GDR takes in daily feeds from financial institutions/processors, as well as enhanced data sourced from airlines, hotel properties, travel agencies, gas stations, and other sources. The GDR matches, organizes, and consolidates all of this information distributing data globally on a daily basis to corporations via Smart Data Solutions, or directly for incorporation into your preferred MIS or ERP systems.



MasterCard Smart Data provides all the data needed to populate issuers and business proprietary systems via a consolidated data feed from MasterCard Global Data Repository. This single global feed automatically integrates with every major ERP and GL application, covers T&E, purchasing, multicard, central travel and fleet programs, and serves data from all major card networks company divisions and geography, it enables organizations of all sizes to see the full spectrum of their spending- without expenses of engaging multiple data feeds.


The Smart Data Real-Time Account Manager is fast, cost-effective way to manage commercial card program. It helps your business solve challenges around:

  • Slow manual processes for updating cardholder information
  • Card rejections due to insufficient card limit.


MasterCard Web based expense reporting and management application- smartdata.gen2--- leverages the superior capabilities of Smart Data technology and takes business reporting and expense management to the next level.


MasterCard Smart Data is software-as-a-service that is built, maintained, and continually improved by MasterCard. Our suite of products is updated frequently in response to and in anticipation of end-user needs. Plus, Smart Data is easy to implement.

Simple setup – the only requirement is a browser and internet access to deliver data and reporting straight to the user's desktop. No need for proprietary software.

Single, platform flexibility – issuers and end users work with only one provider. MasterCard, and enjoy a consistent process worldwide and across products with as much customization as desired. Enhancements are immediately available to all users, eliminating extensive and costly software upgrades, data download, and database load processing.

Dedicated support – MasterCard maintains a dedicated Commercial MIS staff to help meet your integration and implementation needs, and to answer questions quickly and accurately.

Smart Data Video

MasterCard Smart Data Video

Learn how MasterCard Smart Data can help you analyze and manage rich financial data

Smart Data Video

MasterCard Smart Data Video: How Transactions Learn

Learn how enchanted data from MasterCard can power your Commercial Card program and provide your company with information needed to make smart business decision.

Acceptance Matters

Acceptance Matters

With over 34 million acceptance locations worldwide, MasterCard Commercial Card spend more efficiently. Combined with Smart Data business owners get a truly complete picture of their commercial spend.