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From convenient payment solutions to global data management, MasterCard is delivering advanced commercial solutions to corporations and their employees.

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With MasterCard, you can keep control of spending and provide employees with more flexibility, wherever they go.

Explore Travel And Entertainment Solutions

Card Payment Solutions

Manage And Monitor Travel And Entertainment Expenses With Card Products That Provide Greater Spending Power And Efficient, Customizable Cost Controls.

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Maintain control over expenses, and contain costs with centralized payments and data from a single account held by your Travel Management Company.

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Mastercard® Smart Data

The Mastercard Smart Data Suite Delivers Advanced Online Tools To Help You Leverage Rich Financial Data, Customize Transaction Information And Establish Spending Parameters Within Your Reporting Management Systems.

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With MasterCard, you can give employees the purchasing power they need, while staying in control.

Explore Purchasing Solutions

MasterCard Corporate Purchasing Card®

Give your employees streamlined purchasing power, knowing that purchase controls are in place. It's the simple, secure, and effective way to manage business expenses.

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Give your employees streamlined purchasing power with virtual accounts that provide real control. Configurable spending controls and enhanced data enable a simple, secure and effective way to manage business expenses.

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MasterCard® Smart Data™

The MasterCard Smart Data suite delivers global, web-based reporting to help you seamlessly organize, consolidate, analyze and manage purchasing data.

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Help to maximize overall productivity and drive down costs with solutions that allow drivers to capture detailed critical data to analyze and strengthen fleet performance.

MasterCard Corporate Fleet Card®

Efficiently monitor and control fleet expenses and improve data management for increased productivity and enhanced business protection.

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See How MasterCard Can Help You Maximize Control And Productivity To Strengthen Fleet Performance.

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MasterCard Fleet Card Program

Increase efficiency and convenience for everyone with prepaid solutions from MasterCard.

Public Sector

Gain administrative efficiency and provide value for your constituents with MasterCard® prepaid public sector solutions. By moving from checks to electronic card payments, government operations become more secure and efficient. At the same time, benefit recipients can move into the financial mainstream when they take advantage of the benefits of moving from cash to a prepaid card.

MasterCard Prepaid Government Benefits Card

MasterCard Prepaid Tax Refund Card

MasterCard Prepaid Emergency Assistance Card


Help your customers distribute recurring payments like workers’ compensation or pay property claims after a disaster. The MasterCard Insurance card gives insurance companies the ability to speed up response times to their customers—especially when they are in great need.

MasterCard Insurance Card

Incentives and Business

Enable your customers to gain flexibility and control with the financial rewards they want. Companies can award and retain key employees, motivate third-party sales teams, get the attention of busy consumers, and more, all with the security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness they need in a bonus program.

MasterCard Prepaid Incentive Card

Higher Education

MasterCard prepaid card solutions can help colleges and universities minimize the administrative burden of disbursing paper checks and provide easy electronic transfer of funds for students and parents. MasterCard can help meet all of these needs with tailored prepaid card solutions that can be used for identification, on-campus spend at dining halls and book stores, off-campus spending anywhere debit MasterCard is accepted, and access control for facilities and systems, all in one card.

MasterCard "U" Student Prepaid Card

MasterCard Prepaid Payroll Card

MasterCard Prepaid Incentive Card


With the MasterCard Prepaid Payroll Card®, paying employees gets easier and more cost-effective for organizations. Companies and other organizations can dramatically simplify payment distribution, and also increase employee satisfaction when they eliminate the hassle of check cashing and provide employees with a critical access point into the financial mainstream.

MasterCard Prepaid Payroll Card


Consumers are always looking for secure and convenient alternatives to cash and checks. With innovative MasterCard prepaid consumer solutions, financial institutions and program managers can acquire new customers, add new revenue streams, and promote financial inclusion.

MasterCard Everyday Prepaid Card

MasterCard Prepaid Teen Card

MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card

MasterCard Prepaid Travel Card

Health and Wellness

MasterCard health and wellness programs help organizations of all types cut the red tape and administrative costs associated with health benefits reimbursement plans. They also streamline paperwork for employees, increasing employee satisfaction and encouraging participation in wellness programs and healthy living behaviors.

MasterCard Wellness® Prepaid Card

MasterCard Health Savings Account (HSA) Card

MasterCard Health Reimbursement keep Arrangement (HRA) Card

MasterCard Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Card

MasterCard Dual Value Health Card

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